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When you don’t be believe to be a champion then you won’t become a champion, says Sania Mirza

Hyderabad: “When you don’t be believe to be a champion then you won’t become a champion,” says tennis start Sania Mirza while speaking at CII Annual Regional Meeting in Hyderabad on Friday.

The CII-Southern Region organized its Annual Regional Meeting for the year 2022-23 and a conference on South India@100 with the theme “GOING BEYOND BOUNDARIES”.

During the Session on ‘Positioning India’s Leadership through Sports- Journey to 2047’, Sania Mirza said that Hyderabad’s sporting culture very strong and believe that sports could be a career. When more people play, then you have more champions. We are more of a cricket nation than sports nation. In the last 20 years we have witnessed drastic changes in the sports arena. When you don’t be believe to be best or a champion then you won’t become a champion. We all should be given independence and should be allowed to do what we feel is good for us. We need to be best version of ourselves.

Pullela Gopichand, Chief National Coach of Indian National Badminton team, said that States or region does not matter but only performance matters. When need to focus on identifying the right talent and train them in such a way that they become best in the world. As a Coach we evolve continuously and the roles keep changing according to the needs. We don’t have prescribed roles.

Suhail Chandhok, Sports presenter and Commentator moderated the session.

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