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  • I.N.D.I alliance is desperate for power, has no vision for the development of nation: UP CM Yogi

I.N.D.I alliance is desperate for power, has no vision for the development of nation: UP CM Yogi

UP CM Yogi Adityanath
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By Our Correspondent

Malegaon Camp (Maharashtra), May 18: Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath launched a scathing attack on the Congress-I.N.D.I alliance, accusing them of lacking any coherent vision or mission for the nation’s development. He asserted that their sole aim is to attain power by hook or by crook, even at the cost of fostering division within the country.

Emphasizing that the BJP prioritizes the nation above all else, the Chief Minister pledged unwavering dedication to its progress, declaring that his government would relinquish power if it ever becomes an obstacle in realizing the cherished goal of a developed India. “We will first move forward in building a developed India,” he said.

CM Yogi was addressing a public meeting in Dhule Lok Sabha constituency in Malegaon Camp, Maharashtra on Saturday. Calling upon the public to make history by ensuring Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s return to power for a third term, he appealed for votes in favor of MP and Lok Sabha candidate Dr. Subhash Bhamare.

CM Yogi lambasted Congress’s purported agenda of surveying properties and imposing tax on it. He likened the Congress’s proposed inheritance tax to Aurangzeb’s oppressive Jizya tax, vowing staunch opposition to such measures.

Mentioning Iqbal Musa, an accused in the Mumbai blasts, who was seen asking votes for a candidate of I.N.D.I alliance, CM Yogi questioned the public’s willingness to accept such affiliations. He further accused the alliance’s manifesto of mirroring the ideology of the Muslim League, aiming to undermine existing reservations for marginalized communities and introduce religion-based quotas which is contrary to the principles of the constitution.

“These people want to give reservation to Muslims. Baba Saheb was always against granting reservation on the basis of religion. They are insulting him,” he added.

Continuing his attack, CM Yogi said that the I.N.D.I Alliance wants to allow minorities to eat beef. “But we will not let this happen”, he added. He mentioned that today there is not a single slaughter house in UP.

Drawing a sharp distinction between the Congress of eminent personalities like Mahatma Gandhi, Sardar Patel and Lokmanya Tilak and its present leadership under Sonia and Rahul Gandhi, CM Yogi accused the latter of prioritizing power over national interests.

“These people support Pakistan. They eat in India but sing praises of Pakistan. They should go there and starve for food,” he added.

The Chief Minister praised PM Narendra Modi for successfully constructing a grand temple for Lord Ram in Ayodhya, fulfilling a 500-year-old aspiration. He condemned Congress for their past warnings of potential riots and bloodshed if the Ayodhya verdict favored Hindus, asserting, “It’s the new India under PM Modi’s leadership. It takes decisive action rather than making empty speeches.”

He also slammed Congress State President’s statement threatening demolition of the Ram temple if their government came to power. He stated: “They have no idea that people would not let them even enter Ayodhya. The construction of the Ram temple symbolizes the emotions of 140 crore Indians”, he asserted.

Highlighting the peaceful coexistence in Uttar Pradesh, CM Yogi said that there is Muslim population of 6.5 crore in UP, but there has not been a single curfew or riot in the last seven years. All the loudspeakers have been removed in the state and Namaz is no longer offered on the road, he stated.

“All the rioters and big mafias nurtured by the Congress and the Samajwadi Party have now been dealt with. Some of them even begged to be in jail, but I told them, ‘no jail, your place is in hell’ and they were sent there,” Yogi added.

On the development front, the Chief Minister praised Union Minister Nitin Gadkari for creating an extensive infrastructure network that has garnered global admiration, showcasing India’s progress and modernization.

On this occasion, BJP State President Chandrashekhar Bawankule, Maharashtra Government Minister Dada Saheb Bhuse, Rajya Sabha MP Ajit, MLAs Jaykumar Rawal, Mangesh Chauhan, District President Malegaon Nilesh Kachuve, District President Gajendra, Bawan Rao Choudhary etc were present.


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