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Sudha Reddy Captivates at Met Gala 2024, Celebrates Indian Craftsmanship and Heritage in Spectacular Fashion

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Hyderabad: May 07, 2024: Renowned philanthropist and businesswoman Sudha Reddy, hailing from Hyderabad, made a captivating appearance at the prestigious 2024 Met Gala, hosted at the Metropolitan Museum of Art on May 6th. Embracing the theme ‘Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion’, her red-carpet ensemble was a true reflection of her profound understanding of the theme and the ‘Garden Of Time’ dress code, following her remarkable debut in 2021.

Clad in a custom creation from the esteemed couturier Tarun Tahiliani’s atelier, complemented by exquisite jewellery from Farah Khan Ali, Sudha Reddy presented a red-carpet moment that seamlessly blended timelessness with avant-garde flair. Capturing the fleeting essence of time, the monochromatic ensemble wasn’t just couture; it was a masterclass in storytelling and symbolism through fashion. It served as a metaphor for India’s artistic revival, mirroring the nation’s current creative and cultural boom and showcasing the beauty and depth of Indian craftsmanship and design.

Sudha Reddy
Sudha Reddy

Handcrafted by over 80 artisans over a period of 4500-man hours, the ivory silk gown was a true testament to collaboration. The hand-corseted bodice featured a miniature self-portrait of Sudha holding a delicate rose, symbolizing the promise of hope and peace. The bodice itself was a marvel of meticulous craftsmanship, painstakingly rendered with thousands of French knots, intricate Indian couching embroidery, and shimmering silk threads. Adorning the bodice were hand-carved mother-of-pearl flowers, symbolizing luminosity and permanence, while 3D butterflies symbolized the cycle of life. The flowing drapery of the gown cascaded like unfolding flower petals, embodying the yearning for self-expression. Symbolizing themes of regeneration and transformation, a voluminous cape made of panels of embroidered tulle added a textural element to the hand-crafted mother-of-pearl flowers and crystal shoulder accessory designed by Miodrag Guberinić, known for creating accessories for Lady Gaga and Madonna.

Sudha Reddy

The centrepiece of Sudha Reddy’s ensemble was undoubtedly the ‘Amore Eterno’ necklace, a stunning masterpiece from her personal collection. This exquisite piece was adorned with 25 exceptional solitaires, totalling over 180 carats, embodying the enduring legacy of the present and future generations of the Reddy family. At the core of the necklace lay a symbolic family tree crafted from four large, heart-shaped diamonds. The largest diamond, a 25-carat King of Hearts, honouring Krishna Reddy, while the Queen of Hearts, a 20-carat heart, symbolizing Sudha Reddy. Two additional 20-carat hearts, known as the Prince of Knowledge and Prince of Treasures, represented their sons, Pranav and Manas. Completing this masterpiece were twenty-one luminescent round diamonds, symbolizing the shared experiences and cherished moments of Sudha-Krishna’s love story. Other jewels included a 20-carat heart shaped diamond ring and a 23-carat yellow diamond ring.

Sudha Reddy’s elegance extended beyond her outfit with the off-white vintage Chanel clutch from ‘Falling For Camellias’ collection and custom-made pearl-adorned stilettos. Stylist Gautam Kalra assembled a dream team: celebrity makeup artist Nina Ubhi accentuated her natural beauty with fresh dewy make-up and a clean messy bun accentuated with bejewelled hairpins from Amrapali nail artist Fleury Rose transformed her fingertips into miniature works of art with a cascading white flowers and Swarovski crystals manicure that took 100 hours to create.

Sudha Reddy

Sudha Reddy – “It was an incredible evening at the Met Gala 2024! I’m grateful to have received the opportunity to celebrate culture, community and creativity on such a grand scale, once again. Collaborations are what make fashion so exciting! Thank you to everyone who made this possible, from the visionary designers to my management and my glam team.”

Tarun Tahiliani – “It has been a pleasure to collaborate with Sudha Reddy on the custom-make MET outfit and translate the multi-layered theme into a work of art. Sudha’s self-portrait on the corset, combined with our signature draping technique and handcrafted embroideries and embellishments, conjures imagery of a blossoming garden, inviting the viewer to embrace authenticity in an ever-changing world. A metaphor for India as a sleeping beauty that is reawakening, the outfit celebrates the timelessness of heritage workmanship, transcendence of temporal boundaries and the eternal cycle of renewal and regeneration.”

Farah Khan Ali – “Crafting the ‘Amore Eterno’ necklace wasn’t just about finding rare diamonds; it was about capturing the essence of love and time. I meticulously searched various corners of the world for these natural diamonds which took months of meticulous planning, designing, high-precision laser cutting and polishing to create the final result. Boasting 180 carats of natural diamonds, Sudha’s ‘Amore Eterno’ necklace mirrors life’s cyclical dance, where the past, the present and the future converge.”

–Press release

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