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Kilkari Lions face Kilkari Challengers in final

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Patna, May 12: Kilkari Lions and Kilkari Challengers entered the final in the fives event of the first Kilkari Ball Badminton Premier League being played on Kilkari courts here on Sunday.

In important league matches on the second day, Kilkari Lions laced with national players defeated Kilkari Challengers 27-20, 27-15, Kilkari Warriors defeated Kilkari Kings 27-20, 27-16, Kilkari Challengers defeated Kilkari Warriors 27-23, 27-12, Kilkari Lions defeated Kilkari Kings 27-17, 27-14, Kilkari Challengers defeated Kilkari Kings 27-17, 27-25, Kilkari Lions defeated Kilkari Warriors 27-22, 27-24 . While in the doubles match of boys category, Kilkari Tigers defeated Kilkari Panthers 27-17,27-20, Kilkari Pirates defeated Kilkari Titans 27-12, 27-23, Kilkari Panthers defeated Kilkari Titans 27-15,27-18.

According to Kilkari’s coach Rahul Kumar, Bihar Ball Badminton Association Director Pawan Kumar Kejriwal will distribute the prizes among the winning and runner-up teams tomorrow at 5.00 pm.


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