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Jamalpur Locomotive Workshop Gets Green Silver Rating from CII Green Co

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By Avijit Biswas

Bhagalpur: The Jamalpur Locomotive Workshop (JLW) of Eastern Railway has received green silver rating from CII Green Co (Confederation of Indian Industries Green Companies). The Green Co rating is undertaken by CII Green Co with an objective of encouraging conservation of natural resources in industries without compromising with industrial growth process.

At time when ensuring green environment at work places has been prioritized by companies seeking growth competitiveness and global excellence, the Green Co rating system has been developed by Confederation of Indian Industries primarily to facilitate improvement of environmental performances of Indian industries and thereby helping them in saving both natural and financial resources.

Previously JLW had received bronze rating from CII Green Co. The JLW has been provided green silver rating this time taking into account successful accomplishment of various green rating on site works.

The workshop has succeeded in reducing approximately 20 percent energy consumption in period of last three years through cent per cent LED lighting, installing occupancy sensor in office rooms, use of energy efficient IGBT type wielding sets, five star rated energy efficient AC units, solar street lights and day light harvester (skylight).


Turbo ventilators have been also installed in work area of workshop. By establishing effluent treatment plant of 1.5 mega litre capacity per day, JLW has ensured use of recycled water for gardening and cleaning purposes. Water consumption in workshop has been reduced by 38 percent during last three years.

By raising a green belt with deep gorges, JLW has successfully raised underground water table in workshop area besides also in surrounding areas. A 460 KWp onsite solar rooftop has been installed to meet high energy demand of the workshop. Further measures are being taken by JLW to enhance capacity of solar power generation.

The environment friendly measures of workshop have reduced 32.9 percent carbon emission. Norms decided by workshop management for waste disposal has proved to be highly successful. The decided norms have helped overcome need of disposal of wastes in landfills. By reuse and sell of wastes to certified recyclers JLW has reduced hazardous waste generation by 50 percent.

The workshop team had been also involved in tree plantations, awareness and training programmes regarding environment sustainability in nearby campuses. Under guidance of Sudarshan Vijay, chief workshop manager, S B Tripathy, environment officer, C. K Patel Dy CEE, Ravi Rajput, production engineer the green rating works were undertaken by team entrusted with the responsibility. The workshop team was assisted in achieving green rating works target by Green Facilitator Company “De Calorie Energy Consultant-Jaipur” team led by Varun Gaur.

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Writer Avijit Biswas, former principal correspondent of Hindustan Times Bhagalpur bureau, can be contacted at

Contact number (mobile): +919431095516

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