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Bihta School Kabaddi Championship from February 1

Patna: Bihta city is becoming the hub of sports friendship, as Bihta School Kabaddi Championship 2024 will be held from February 1 to 3. It promises to be a celebration of the exhilarating kabaddi championship, teamwork, and indomitable sporting camaraderie. This championship will be a great platform for the schools of Bihta and surrounding areas to showcase their talent.

The championship is being organized by Kheloz Sports Foundation and is going to be hosted by Mount Litera Zee School, Bihta.

Kheloz is a leading sports management institute in the Bihar region, providing holistic sports and sports management training.

Mount Litra Zee School which is the host of Bihta School Kabaddi Championship understood the importance of the game and the school feels proud to be the host of Bihta School Kabaddi Championship.

In brief

Date: 1-3 February 2024

Location: Mount Litera Zee School Bihta

Category: Boys and Girls U-19

Number of teams: 16 teams per category (knockout matches will be held)

Official: From Bihar State Kabaddi Association

Trophies and Recognition: Winners, Runners-up, Best Defenders and Raiders.




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