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APOGEE 2024: Where Technology Meets Creativity

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Pilani, Rajasthan, India

The stage is set, and anticipation fills the air as BITS Pilani gears up to host the 42nd edition of its prestigious technical fest, APOGEE. With a stellar lineup of speakers, exciting events, and esteemed guests, APOGEE promises to be a captivating blend of technology, creativity, and inspiration.

The inauguration ceremony will be graced by Lt. Gen. Vinod G Khandare, PVSM, AVSM, former director of Defense Intelligence and current principal advisor to the Ministry of Defence.

At the forefront of the speaker lineup stands distinguished personalities from various fields. Shivshankar Menon, former foreign secretary, brings his wealth of diplomatic experience to the table, offering insights into global affairs and geopolitics. Joining him is Zed Shaw, renowned author, and software developer, whose expertise in the tech world is sure to ignite the minds of aspiring developers. Alongside them is also Anil Menon, an ex-NASA astronaut, whose journey beyond the Earth’s atmosphere is bound to inspire the next generation of space enthusiasts.

While the speakers and guests set the tone for the fest, APOGEE offers a diverse range of events to engage and entertain participants. From Prof shows featuring Bollywood sensation Mohit Chauhan to internet sensations like Talwiinder and Bharg, the stage will be alive with music and talent. Also be ready to be entertained by the comedic brilliance of the duo of Samay Raina and Akash Mehta as they take the stage on the final day.

But APOGEE isn’t just about entertainment; it’s about pushing the boundaries of innovation, knowledge and technology. Robots at War and Drone Race showcase the latest advancements in robotics and aerial technology, while the Planetarium offers an immersive journey through the cosmos. Hackathons and coding contests provide platforms for budding programmers to showcase their skills and creativity. APOGEE also features the Laser Show where the campus transforms into a canvas of light and look out for the Silent Disco where you can groove to your favorite beats on multiple channels.

An insightful word with the President of the Students’ Union, Sarthak Agarwal, shed light on APOGEE 2024 — the 42nd technical fest of BITS Pilani. APOGEE 2024, promises to be bigger, better, and grander compared to all of its previous editions and aims to be a fest comprising technical displays and workshops, intellectually stimulating events like quizzes and guest talks, and entertainment in the form of screenings and shows. The President manages the finances of the fest, collaborating with the Committee of Students for Academic Activities (CoStAA) and allocating funds to the participating departments and clubs. This edition of the fest is poised to promise all of that and more, going beyond the usual standard. Captivating displays include the geodesic planetarium, space exhibition, laser show and much more. Other activities include go-karting, ATV racing, and eSports tournaments. The fest will be kicked off by the inauguration ceremony, featuring a humanized robot and captivating performances. Notable speakers like Shivshankar Menon, Anil Menon, and Zed Shaw add intellectual depth to the fest. On the cultural front, attendees will be treated to stellar performances by Mohit Chauhan, Talwiinder, Raga and Fotty seven. With a budget increase of over 50% of the previous edition and a whopping 120 events, APOGEE 2024 will surely leave an indelible mark on all attendees.

As the curtains rise on APOGEE 2024, it’s not just a fest; it’s a celebration of ingenuity, creativity, and the relentless pursuit of knowledge, which best depicts what the essence of BITS Pilani stands for.


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