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  • Your vote cast on ‘Kamal’ will go to the feet of Shree Ram Lalla for the prosperity of India, says UP CM Yogi

Your vote cast on ‘Kamal’ will go to the feet of Shree Ram Lalla for the prosperity of India, says UP CM Yogi

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath during an election rally.
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Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath holds public meeting in favour of Agra candidate SP Singh Baghel

PM Modi works tirelessly for 365 days without a break, says CM Yogi

By Our Correspondent

Etah, April 28, 2024: In a momentous event witnessed in Ayodhya after centuries, when Ram Lalla made a historic return, marking a significant milestone in the town’s religious landscape, the artisans and craftsmen of Jalesar joined forces to transport a colossal bell weighing 21 tonnes to the temple, whose resonating chime awakens the country’s faith with devotees thanking the people of Jalesar, said Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Sunday.

Addressing a rally in support of BJP candidate Prof. SP Singh Baghel for the Agra Lok Sabha seat, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath emphasized the significance of this moment in history and urged voters to align with the ‘Kamal’ symbol, ensuring electoral victory and invoking blessings for the nation’s prosperity from the divine feet of Ram Lalla.

He added: “Despite decades of governance by the Congress and subsequent regimes led by SP-BSP, little to no attention was paid to Jalesar or the revered temple of Ram Lalla. In stark contrast, the prevailing sentiment now is reverence and devotion, as countless devotees flock daily in Ayodhya to offer their prayers.”

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath also mentioned the joyous festivities of Holi intertwined with the sacred observance of Ramlala’s long-awaited birth anniversary after five centuries. Notably, Lord Surya Dev bestowed the auspicious Tilak on Suryavansh Mani Lord Ram precisely at noon on the revered occasion of Ram Navami.

CM Yogi attributed this significant milestone to the governance of the BJP, underscoring a shift in the political landscape. He pointed out the reluctance of past administrations, including those led by SP, BSP, and Congress, to embrace the reverence for Ram Lalla’s presence, suggesting a departure from their erstwhile approach to faith and security.

The Chief Minister accused the Congress and the Indi alliance of advocating for the implementation of a personal law akin to the Taliban system within India. Expressing alarm at this proposal, he questioned the wisdom behind importing such governance models into the country. He criticized the Congress and SP for what he perceived as a pattern of endangering faith, national sovereignty, and security, suggesting their alignment with elements fostering chaos and disorder.

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath during an election rally.
Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath during an election rally

The Chief Minister made pointed remarks regarding the leadership and dedication exhibited by Prime Minister Modi and the contrasting behavior of the SP. He underscored the contributions of late Kalyan Singh to both state development and the Ram Janmabhoomi cause, lamenting the lack of condolences from the SP upon Singh’s passing.

Drawing a sharp comparison, Yogi highlighted the PM’s respectful gesture upon Mulayam Singh’s demise. He criticized the SP’s priorities, noting their condolences for figures associated with the underworld while ignoring stalwarts like Kalyan Singh. CM Yogi urged voters to consider this contrast during elections, emphasizing the continuity of Modi’s governance for the nation’s progress.

Furthermore, he commended PM Modi’s unwavering dedication and tireless work ethic, asserting that his relentless efforts over the past decade have elevated India’s stature globally and bolstered national security. Finally, CM Yogi reiterated the government’s commitment to proactive governance, promising initiatives like providing clean RO water to every household and spreading the resonant chime of the Jalesar bell across the nation’s religious sites.

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath targeted the Congress regime in the past, referring to the struggles faced by households during their rule, particularly concerning access to cooking gas. He highlighted how the shortage of cylinders, especially during festive occasions, would plunge families into distress. He recalled instances of humiliation when guests arrived and the host couldn’t provide a meal due to an empty cylinder.

Moreover, he pointed out the brutal treatment meted out to those attempting to procure cylinders, often resulting in clashes with law enforcement. Contrastingly, CM Yogi emphasized the strides made under the current administration, with ten crore impoverished citizens benefiting from cylinders nationwide. In Uttar Pradesh, the government has extended additional support by distributing free cylinders as tokens of goodwill during festivals like Holi and Diwali.

The Chief Minister underscored the contrast between past administrations led by the BSP, SP, and Congress, which he accused of fostering an environment of extortion and land grabbing, and the current government’s commitment to empowering the underprivileged. He highlighted the transformative impact of initiatives like SVANidhi, which aims to uplift street vendors, and emphasized the government’s resolve to secure property rights for homeowners.

CM Yogi also addressed concerns regarding women’s safety, noting a marked improvement from previous regimes where women were confined indoors due to security threats. He contrasted this with the present scenario, where women and entrepreneurs can conduct their affairs without fear of extortion calls. Furthermore, he warned criminal elements sternly, asserting that the government’s crackdown on mafia activities has left them quaking in their boots.

On this occasion, Agra MP, Union Minister and BJP candidate Prof. SP Singh Baghel, MLA Sanjeev Diwakar, District President Etah Sandeep Jain, Raja Amrish Pal Singh, Lok Sabha in-charge Sunil Tandon, Convenor TN Aggarwal, Chairman Mahendra Pal Singh, Gauri Verma, Shikha Gupta, former MLA Kuber Singh etc. were present.


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