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  • Samajwadi Party accepts defeat even before the contest, says UP CM Yogi

Samajwadi Party accepts defeat even before the contest, says UP CM Yogi

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath during an election rally
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Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath addresses public meeting in Badaun to seek votes Durvijay Singh Shakya

Congress is working on hidden agendas against the nation: CM Yogi

By Our Correspondent

Badaun, April 28, 2024: Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath said on Sunday that the Samajwadi Party has accepted defeat even before the conclusion of the Lok Sabha election.

He remarked: “The frequent changes in candidates by the Samajwadi Party indicate that the party has accepted defeat even before the elections are over.

Taking a dig at the Congress and Samajwadi Party, Yogi
Adityanath said that those who challenge divine power are destined to fall, aldding that the SP has turned the Lok Sabha elections into a mockery.

Referring to Congress’ manifesto while addressing a public meeting n Bilsi, Badaun the Chief Minister said, “Congress is working on hidden agendas against the nation. Former Prime Ministers used to hesitate to visit Ayodhya but PM Modi is the first Prime Minister who visited Ayodhya, and witnessed Pran Pratishtha of Ram Lalla in his magnificent temple after 500 years.”

He also urged people to support the BJP candidate and Regional President Durvijay Shakya.

Taking a jibe at SP chief Akhilesh Yadav and his uncle Shivpal Yadav, CM Yogi remarked, “It appears that even the chacha recognised it was time to step back, while the bhatija stumbled even before the start. This pattern by the SP is evident in Shahjahanpur, Rampur, and Meerut. However, the public knows all these tactics and won’t succumb to it.”

He stated that with the connection of the Ganga Expressway, this region is becoming a part of the industrial development process. Before 2014, terrorist activities used to occur in India, and Pakistan would celebrate, while the Indian government remained silent. Today, even if a firecracker goes off in Pakistan, it starts giving explanations because it knows when and where a surgical strike might occur, Yogi added further.

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath during an election rally
Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath during an election rally

“Presently, the country is establishing new milestones of security, and prosperity with highways, expressways, and development. A long series of welfare schemes for the poor is available to the public”, Yogi added.

The Chief Minister stated that previous governments played with faith. People from the Congress used to say that Ram and Krishna never existed. Today, after 500 years, the anticipation has ended, and Ram Lalla is now enshrined in his magnificent temple.

“We will honour the great personalities and faith in every district. We have started with Kashi and Ayodhya, and after Braj, Badaun is also on the list”, he pointed out.

CM Yogi cautioned people against the Congress, SP, and BSP, alleging that they have a hidden agenda against India. “They are planning to tamper with reservations for Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, and the backward class and are preparing to impose an Inheritance tax on your property after surveying it”, he stated.

He mentioned, “We have tackled the mafia and goons. The SP did not utter a single word of condolence on the death of Chief Minister Kalyan Singh but visited the home of a mafia to read the Fatiha upon his death.” Yogi emphasized that we must cast our votes for a self-reliant and developed India.

On this occasion, Union Minister BN Verma, BJP Regional President and candidate from Badaun seat Durvijay Shakya, State Vice President Dinesh Sharma, MP Sanghamitra Maurya, MLA Bilsi Harish Shakya, Legislative Council member Vagish Pathak, MLA Mahesh Gupta, Rajiv Kumar Singh, Vimal Krishna were present. Aggarwal, Ajit Yadav, Kushagra Sagar, DK Bhardwaj, Jitendra Yadav, Rajesh Yadav and other dignitaries were present.


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