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  • VIPS-TC and IntellAI Celebrate World Quantum Day 2024 with Announcement of Quantum Research Collaboration

VIPS-TC and IntellAI Celebrate World Quantum Day 2024 with Announcement of Quantum Research Collaboration

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Delhi, India:  In alignment with the Government of India and honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visionary National Quantum Mission, the School of Engineering & Technology, Vivekananda Institute of Professional StudiesTechnical Campus, and IntellAI are excited to announce their collaboration on ground-breaking quantum research. This partnership aims to spearhead advancements in Quantum Secure Communication, Quantum Key Distribution (QKD), and Quantum Machine Learning. The announcement was made as part of the celebrations for World Quantum Day 2024, emphasizing the collaboration’s potential to position India at the forefront of global quantum research initiatives.

Under the expert guidance of quantum researcher Utpal Chakraborty, Chief Technology Officer at IntellAI & Professor of Practice at VIPS-TC, a team of highly qualified researchers from VIPS-TC encompassing experts in Computer Science, Applied Physics, Mathematics, and Engineering will undertake this ambitious project. These researchers are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of quantum technology and its applications.

A state-of-the-art Quantum Research Lab will be established at the VIPS-TC. This facility is designed to become a nexus of quantum research and innovation, providing the necessary tools and environment for cutting-edge exploration and development in quantum technologies.

Dr. S.C. Vats, Chairman of VIPS-TC, expressed his enthusiasm about the collaboration: “This partnership with IntellAI not only aligns with the national agenda set forth by our esteemed Prime Minister but also sets the stage for VIPS-TC to become a global leader in quantum research. Our vision is to make the Quantum Lab the epicenter of quantum innovation in India and to establish it as a leading research lab in the world.

In addition to domestic efforts, VIPS-TC and IntellAI have entered into international collaborations with prominent quantum scientists, researchers, and start-ups across the globe. These partnerships will enhance the collaborative nature of the research, allowing for a richer exchange of ideas and innovations, thereby accelerating the pace of discoveries in quantum technologies.

This strategic alliance is expected to yield significant advancements in the field of quantum technology, paving the way for new technological innovations that could transform a range of industries, from telecommunications to cybersecurity.

Special thanks to Vice Chairman, VIPS-TC Vineet Vats, Professor of Practice, VIPS-TC Udaya Birje, and other esteemed members of the governing body for their invaluable support and guidance in this venture.

–Press release

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