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  • Congress’ prince wants to put ‘Babri lock’ on Ram mandir, says PM Modi 

Congress’ prince wants to put ‘Babri lock’ on Ram mandir, says PM Modi 

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PM Modi holds public meeting for Basti, Dumariyaganj, and Sant Kabir Nagar Lok Sabha seats

By Our correspondent

Basti, May 23: Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on Wednesday, accused Congress leader Rahul Gandhi of “harbouring a desire to overturn the Supreme Court’s verdict on the Ram temple and reattaching the ‘Babri lock’ to it”.

Delivering a strong critique of the opposition at a joint public meeting for the Basti, Dumariyaganj, and Sant Kabir Nagar Lok Sabha constituencies, held at the Government Polytechnic College Ground, PM Modi stated, “The nation had been waiting for 500 years for the Ram Mandir, but the members of the Indi alliance have issues with both the temple and Lord Ram.” The rally was attended by Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath,

“Prominent SP leaders claim that the Ram temple is pointless and the devotees of Lord Ram are hypocrites. With Congress as their driving force, these people wish to destroy Sanatan Dharma”, he remarked. Claiming further that the Congress leaders wanted to relegate Ram Lalla back to a tent, Modi urged voters to deliver a decisive defeat to them.

PM Modi also praised CM Yogi’s tireless efforts to improve the state of affairs in Uttar Pradesh, bringing about significant change in all domains and uplifting Uttar Pradesh.

Modi appealed to the public to cast their votes in large numbers for Lok Sabha candidate Harish Dwivedi from Basti, party candidate Jagdambika Pal from Dumariyaganj, and candidate Praveen Nishad from Sant Kabir Nagar.

The Prime Minister added: “The public has placed their trust in our work, words, promises, and intentions and we would never let them down.”

The PM noted that after five phases of elections, it was clear that his government was poised for the third term. He mentioned that the entire Indi alliance is already in despair. He emphasized, “Votes cast for the SP and Congress would be wasted, and none of you would want that to happen.”

He urged voters to support the party that is guaranteed to form the government. The Prime Minister promised to undertake significant work, benefiting voters through every action. He highlighted that they are advancing the nation by drawing inspiration from Ram for nationhood, heritage for development, and spirituality for modernity.

The Prime Minister stated, “Today when India speaks on the global stage, the world listens attentively. When India makes decisions, the world strives to keep pace. The country that once glared at us and issued threats, the patron of terror, is now insignificant and struggling even for food grains.”

The PM added, “However, its sympathizers, the SP and Congress, are now trying to threaten India. They don’t understand what it means to have a firm resolve. They warn us to fear Pakistan because of its atomic bomb.”

The PM emphasized that India no longer has a weak Congress government but a strong Modi government. He asserted that those who disregard humanity and cause daily bloodshed are the ones who should fear. “India does not seek to intimidate anyone, nor it will tolerate those attempting it. That is why India is taking decisive action against its threats,” he added.

PM Modi expressed his astonishment at the SP and Congress leaders’ constant failures, comparing their efforts to the release of flop films. He noted that these leaders are claiming victory in 79 seats in Uttar Pradesh, calling it a mere ‘daydream’.

Modi added, “On June 4, the people of Uttar Pradesh will awaken from their slumber, after which they will likely blame the EVMs.”

The Prime Minister remarked that the Indi alliance has suddenly developed a newfound respect for the Constitution. “It’s an irony that Congress which imposed emergency on the country, throwing all constitutional norms to the winds, is talking about constitution today”, he remarked.

He criticized the Congress for not adhering to its own party’s Constitution. Citing an incident, he recounted how Sonia Gandhi’s faction forcibly entered the Congress office one evening, locked Sitaram Kesari, a member of a very backward community from Bihar, in a bathroom, and unceremoniously ousted him to make Sonia Gandhi the president overnight.

The Prime Minister emphasized the detrimental effects of SP’s politics on Uttar Pradesh. He recalled a time when it was unsafe for women and girls to venture out of their homes and when land grabs by the mafia were rampant.

He highlighted how rioters were given preferential treatment and even terrorists were ordered to be released from jail. He urged the public to recall these grim periods and avoid repeating past mistakes that could allow such elements to reemerge, as they had plunged UP into a deep decline.

Praising Yogi, PM Modi said, “It required significant effort from Yogi Adityanath and his government to turn things around.”

The PM urged people to cast every vote on May 25 to end the politics of appeasement. He highlighted the region’s importance as a major pilgrimage site within the Ram Circuit, mentioning various projects related to the ashrams of Maharishi Vashishtha and Shringi Rishi. He concluded that these projects are the beginning, with many more significant initiatives.

On this occasion, Union Minister Anupriya Patel, State Government Minister Sanjay Nishad, Om Prakash Rajbhar, Harish Dwivedi, Jagdambika Pal, Praveen Nishad and other dignitaries were present.


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