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Jardalu Mango Gift Packs Sent for President of India, PM and Other Dignitaries from Bhagalpur

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By Avijit Biswas

Bhagalpur, June 5:  Though formation of new central government is awaited however for would be prime minister and his council of ministers apart from President of India and other dignitaries gift packs of luscious Jardalu, an exclusive mango variety of this region were dispatched for Delhi form here today.

Jardalu having GI tag is an exclusive mango variety of this region. The variety is famous for its taste, scent and thin peel. During summer every year Jardalu’s are sent to dignitaries and VVIP’s including high officials of foreign embassies at Delhi as state gift. Jardalu gift packs are also sent to state capital for dignitaries and important persons by local administration.

In anticipation head of new government and his council of ministers would assume office soon the Jardalu gift packs were dispatched for national capital today by Delhi bound Vikramshila Express. Jardalu of choicest sizes were procured by local administration for preparing the gift packs from orchard of Ashok Choudhury located in Sultanganj block.

Choudhury known for growing quality mangoes is also popularly referred as mango man. Choudhury said total 2000 packets of Jardalu of five-kilogram weight each have been readied by local administration for sending the packets to Delhi of which 1400 packets were sent today. The remaining packets will be sent tomorrow, he added.

He informed the Jardalu gift packs planned to be sent to state capital would be also dispatched soon. After thoroughly examining quality, mangoes were selected by local administration for gift packs, Choudhury informed.

The overall mango production in this region is much less this season compared to previous season. As per Choudhury rainfall during flowering and adverse weather condition during fruiting has led to low mango production this season. Since mango trees bear fruit more in alternate years is also reason, production wise it is lean season this time, he added.

Choudhury informed production of Malda a mid season mango variety, grown extensively in this region in particular has been severely hit due to untimely rain during flowering season. There has been less impact of adverse weather condition on Jardalu production, an early variety, he said.

Choudhury added it is since 2007 gift packs of exclusive mango variety of this region are being sent for dignitaries and VVIP’s every year by state government. Abhay Kumar Mandal, District Horticulture Officer, who was present at railway station during dispatch of the mangoes said from Bihar Bhawan at Delhi the mangoes would be sent to dignitaries including prime minister and President of India.

  • Writer Avijit Biswas, former principal correspondent of Hindustan Times Bhagalpur bureau, can be contacted at biswasavijit@yahoo.comContact number (mobile): +919431095516



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