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Trident Group Leads Health Initiatives in Commemoration of the World Health Day 2024

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Chandigarh | Bhopal, India

Trident Group, a renowned global conglomerate observed Blindness Awareness Week as proclaimed by the Indian Government from April 1 to 7. Demonstrating its unwavering commitment towards social responsibility, Trident Group followed a multifaceted approach. In alignment with the global commemoration of the World Health Day, the organisation hosted an awareness session to address vision health disparities on April 6 at Dhaula and culminated Free Medical Health Checkup Camps on April 7 at Madhuban Hospital, Budhni. The organisation remains steadfast in its commitment to corporate social responsibility, striving to make a positive impact on society.

Blindness Prevention Awareness took precedence with its steadfast dedication to promoting healthier communities. By raising awareness and advocating for a clearer future for all, the initiative aimed to address the root causes of vision impairment and empower individuals with knowledge and resources to safeguard their sight. This initiative shed light on the importance of preventive measures and fosters a collective dedication to prioritizing vision health in the broader context of overall well-being.

Expert Dr. Baljinder Singh captivated a diverse audience, comprised of both seasoned veterans and fresh recruits, during this awareness session. Hosted by the Trident Foundation, the event not only drew a crowd in-person but also reached a global audience through its live broadcast on the foundation’s official page.

Building upon the momentum of World Health Day, the Trident Group continued its impactful engagement through Free Medical Health Camps at Madhuban Hospital. These camps serve as a tangible manifestation of the organisation’s commitment to proactive healthcare intervention, offering comprehensive screenings and consultations to over 200 individuals.

Through strategically aligning the collaborations with proactive engagement in social causes, Trident Group continues to make a meaningful difference, advocating for equitable access to healthcare and a more inclusive society. The initiatives of the organisation epitomize the spirit of World Health Day 2024’s theme – “My Health, My Right”, understanding the fundamental principle that health is a basic human right and everyone has the right to access quality healthcare services without discrimination or barriers.


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