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  • Ernst Biergarten unveils fresh spring menu featuring dishes made with asparagus

Ernst Biergarten unveils fresh spring menu featuring dishes made with asparagus

Dishes made with asparagus
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Dubai: Renowned for offering Dubai an authentic taste of Bavaria Ernst Biergarten, located in 25hour Hotel One Central, is excited to announce a special menu featuring dishes made with asparagus. Available starting May 1st till June 15th, this set menu is all about celebrating a famous spring harvesting tradition in Germany. Ernst invites guests to transport the senses to the German countryside in vibrant spring with this unique offering curated by their talented culinary team, for just AED 150.

Germany’s asparagus harvesting season is a cherished tradition marking the transition from the cold winter months to the abundant spring season. Known as “Spargelzeit” in Germany, this time is eagerly anticipated by residents, foodies, and chefs, as they await the arrival of the tender, delicate spears of asparagus. While asparagus holds an important place in German culinary culture, symbolizing the bounty of the season and the joy of fresh, locally sourced ingredients, it’s only around for a short time – making it all the more special. Ernst’s all-asparagus menu is all about celebrating this remarkable tradition, showcasing the versatility authentic German food. From creamy soups to juicy mains and sweet desserts, every dish offers an insight into German heritage and culture.

The special a la carte menu commences with starters including Spargelcremesuppe, a creamy asparagus soup that will warm the soul, followed by Gartensalat mit Spargel & Ei, a fresh garden salad featuring marinated asparagus and egg – a delightful mix of spring-inspired flavours. For the main event, guests can take their pick between Weißer Spargel (white asparagus) or Grüner Spargel (green asparagus), served with rich hollandaise sauce and tender boiled baby potatoes. The main dish comes with a side, including options such as veal or chicken schnitzel, cooked leg ham or black forest ham with a hint of horseradish, grilled salmon fillet, or a hearty ribeye steak. End the wholesome meal on a sweet note, with Erdbeeren mit Sahne, luscious strawberries with whipped cream.

Join Ernst as they celebrate the bounty of the season with a symphony of flavors centred around the versatile and beloved asparagus. Their special limited edition asparagus menu will be offered from May 1st till June 15th throughout the day from 12pm and is priced at just AED 150 per person. Ernst Biergarten is traditional beer garden and wirtshaus, located inside 25hours Hotel One Central, offering a slice of Bavaria in the heart of Dubai. Bookings can be made by calling +971 4 210 2511 or emailing

About 25hours Hotels:

The 25hours hotels are part of Ennismore, a hospitality company rooted in culture and creative networking. The global collective is built around charismatic entrepreneurs and includes brands that focus on contemporary hospitality. Established in 2021, Ennismore is a joint venture with Accor.

The 25hours brand was built by its four founders Christoph Hoffmann, Kai Hollmann, Ardi Goldman and Stephan Gerhard from 2005. There are now 15 hotels in German-speaking countries, as well as in Paris, Florence, Dubai, and Copenhagen. 25hours is a smart hotel idea characterised by charming and relaxed service, which seeks to find answers to the demands of urban, cosmopolitan travellers. The brand focuses on individuality, authenticity and character, and designs each of its hotels in partnership with various designers and in a unique style, under the motto “Know one, know none.” Sydney and Melbourne are among the future destinations.


25hours Hotel One Central, Trade Centre Street, Dubai, UAE



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