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  • Blind Tiger unveils a dazzling new cocktail menu, designed to take guests on a whimsical journey through Asian flavours

Blind Tiger unveils a dazzling new cocktail menu, designed to take guests on a whimsical journey through Asian flavours

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United Arab Emirates, Dubai, June 5, 2024: Prepare to be amazed as Blind Tiger presents an extraordinary new cocktail menu that will whisk guests away on a journey through the exotic realms of the Orient. Welcome to “Blind Tiger’s Oriental Circus” – where mixology meets the magic of the circus, and each sip is a spectacular performance.

Guests are invited to step into a journey of discovery and encounter fearless performers from across the Orient that will guide them on a tantalising adventure through Asia. Immersing in a world of captivating flavours, cultural fusion, and artistic flair, Blind Tiger’s dazzling eclectic mix of cocktails and tantalising food bites promise to export cocktail enthusiasts to a new realm.

At the heart of the new menu is Francesco D’Arienzo, Blind Tiger’s passionate and talented bar manager. Inspired by his extensive travels through Asia, Francesco has infused each cocktail with unique flavours and stories from the Orient. His warm and approachable nature shines through in every drink he crafts, making each sip an invitation to explore a world of taste and tradition.

Some of the exciting new cocktails include The Ringmaster (AED 105), a maestro of Dubai’s lavish nights – a dazzling blend of Macallan 12 DC, mango, peach, and saffron, embodying the city’s exquisite, boundary-pushing ethos. Or try The Tiger Tamer from Delhi (AED 75), which tames a bold mix of Haku vodka, Sauvignon Blanc, passion fruit, lime, and cardamom, echoing the city’s robust history and zestful culture.

Without giving too much away, but ensuring there is something for everyone, guests can take their pick as they delve into a realm of fusion and flavour. Some of the other cocktails include an exciting mix of gin, bourbon, tequila or rum, blended effortlessly with unique ingredients such as matcha, cacao, Sichuan peppers, and wasabi.

End the night on a high with Blind Tiger’s live musical acts – elevating the venue’s endless charm, with a hint of jazz complemented by a touch of blues. From Wednesday till Saturday, guests are audience to vibrant musical performances by distinct musical groups such as De Cruz Band, Lashae Duo, Salt and Pepper, and a lineup of DJs to end the night.

Join Blind Tiger for a cocktail experience like no other and let the Oriental Circus dazzle the senses with its vibrant mix of flavours, cultures, and artistry. Bookings are encouraged and can be made by calling +971 800 323232 or emailing

Open daily from 17:00 to 02:00am



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