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Home News 'Yogi Model is in demand in Punjab also'

‘Yogi Model is in demand in Punjab also’

Yogi govt allayed fears of mafia among people, says singer of ‘Ram ko laye hain’ fame

Economy grows only when traders & daughters are safe: Mittal

We need a government that showers flowers, not bullets on Ram devotees: Mittal

By Our Correspondent

Lucknow: Popular Bhajan singer Kanhaiya Mittal, who gained international acclaim in 2024 with his rendition of the song ‘Jo Ram ko laayen hain…’, has said that the Yogi model of governance is in demand in Punjab as well.

Mittal highlighted the shift in discourse from the Gujarat model to the UP model in 2024, stressing the role of effective handling of the menace of mafia by the Uttar Pradesh government headed by Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath in this regard. He emphasised the importance of allaying fears of the mafia among people, noting it as a significant achievement of the Yogi administration.

Kanhaiya Mittal emphasised that economic growth and business activities flourish in states where both the business community and women feel secure. He underscored the national attention on the performance of ‘Maharaj ji’ (Yogi Adityanath), noting the increasing demand for him even in Punjab, where Mittal resides. Stressing the ongoing necessity to curb the influence of mafia, Mittal advocated for a culture of coexistence in India, a land historically associated with spiritual figures and saints. He stressed the importance of ending crime and eliminating gangsters to uphold this ethos.

Kanhaiya Mittal expressed a desire for the governance witnessed over the past decade to persist for the next two decades. He emphasised his commitment to enlightening Sanatanis nationwide through his songs. Mittal underscored his preference for a government that showers flowers on the devotees of Lord Ram from helicopters rather than the one that opens fire on them.




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