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  • Sitapur’s ‘Drone Didi’ impresses Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Sitapur’s ‘Drone Didi’ impresses Prime Minister Narendra Modi

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  • Prime Minister also mentions photo exhibition held in Varanasi in ‘Mann Ki Baat’
  • Social media helps youth in showcasing their skills and talents: PM

By Our Correspondent

Lucknow: Uttar Pradesh dominated yet another ‘Mann Ki Baat’ session of Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday, with the PM having an interaction with the ‘Drone Didi’ from Sitapur and sharing memories of the unique features of the photography exhibition in Varanasi.

While interacting with Sunita Devi, known as ‘Drone Didi’ from Sitapur, the Prime Minister inquired about her family and experiences. Sunita said that she has studied up to B.A. and has a family consisting of her mother, husband, and two children, adding that farming is the source of their livelihood. Sunita further informed that she received training for operating drones at the Phulpur IFFCO company in Allahabad and saw a drone for the first time at the Sitapur Agriculture Science Center.

On being asked by PM Modi whether she went through theoretical training first followed by practical, the Drone Didi answered in the affirmative, adding that her training started from the second day. “First, we were taught about different parts of drone and how to operate it. On the third day, an exam was conducted. We solved the question paper on the computer. After theory classes, tests were taken, and then practical sessions were conducted. We were taught how to fly the drone and how to control it”, she stated.

Mentioning difficulties faced during the rainy season when the crops are growing with increased risk of pests, Sunita said that a drone can immensely help in such a situation in spraying of pesticides while standing on the ridge. Emphasising the need for exercising caution, she added that so far she has sprayed pesticides on on 35 acres of land.

In response to the Prime Minister’s question, Sunita shared that farmers are very happy with this innovation, as it is effective and saves time. “They only need to come and show us their fields. The spraying can be completed in just half an hour. Many people also come to see the drone”, she remarked.

PM Modi said, “My mission is to make ‘Lakhpati Didi’. Sisters from all over the country are listening, and today, Drone Didi is talking to me for the first time. What would you like to say?”

In response, Sunita said, “Thousands of my fellow sisters need to come forward and become Drone Didis. If thousands of women join me, I will feel that I am not alone in this endeavour.”

PM Modi congratulated Sunita, stating that ‘NAMO Drone Didi’ is becoming a significant means to modernize agriculture in the country.

In the program, PM Modi further mentioned that two days ago, he was in Varanasi, where he witnessed a spectacular photo exhibition. “The moments captured by the youth of Kashi and surrounding areas were amazing. Many of the photographs were taken with mobile cameras, showing that anyone with a mobile phone could become a content creator today”, he stated.

PM further remarked that social media has greatly helped people in showcasing their talents and abilities. “Youth in India are excelling in the field of content creation on social media. They are seen sharing different content on different subjects. Whether it’s tourism, public participation, or inspiring life journeys, various types of content are present on social media connected with these aspects”, added PM Modi.

He further informed that the voice of the youth creating content in the country has become very impactful today, pointing out that to honour their talent, National Creators Awards have been initiated in the country. “Under this, preparations are underway to recognize change-makers in different categories who are effectively using technology to become voices for social change. This contest is ongoing on MyGov. I would urge content creators to participate in it. If you know such interesting content creators, nominate them for the National Creators Awards”, he stated.


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