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  • Shri Ram Lalla’s consecration ceremony a ‘National Festival’, declare holiday in educational institutions on January 22, says UP CM Yogi Adityanath

Shri Ram Lalla’s consecration ceremony a ‘National Festival’, declare holiday in educational institutions on January 22, says UP CM Yogi Adityanath

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  • There will be no sale of liquor in the state on the day of Pran Pratistha, issue order: Chief Minister
  • Ensure visitors experience unforgettable hospitality in Ayodhya: Chief Minister
  • All government buildings should be decorated on January 22, arrangements should also be made for fireworks: Chief Minister
  • Implement ‘Kumbh Model’ of cleanliness in Ayodhya: Chief Minister
  • Chief Minister will start Cleanliness Campaign in Ayodhya on January 14
  • Chief Minister Yogi examines the preparations for the consecration ceremony, says, there should be no compromise on cleanliness and security
  • Resting place of VVIPs should be decided in advance, instructs CM
  • Deploy tourist guides to introduce the visiting devotees/tourists to the glory of the Navya, Divya and Bhavya Ayodhya
  • Get verification done of outsiders residing in Ayodhya

By Our Correspondent

Ayodhya, January 9:  Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has directed the declaration of a holiday in educational institutions across the state on January 22, considering the emotional significance of the consecration ceremony of the eagerly awaited new idol of Shri Ram Lalla in Ayodhyadham. Terming this special occasion as a ‘national festival’, the Chief Minister has said that liquor shops should be kept closed in the state on January 22.

● During his visit to Ayodhya on Tuesday, the Chief Minister held a meeting with the officials of Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Teerth Kshetra Trust following the darshan and worship of Shri Ram Lalla and Hanuman Garhi. Taking information about the Vedic rituals of Pran Pratistha starting after Makar Sankranti, the Chief Minister directed officials to extend all necessary cooperation to the Teerth Kshetra Trust for the security and other arrangements for the ceremony. After this, the Commissioner took stock of the preparations from the local administration officials in the presence of local public representatives in the auditorium and gave necessary guidelines.

● The Chief Minister emphasized the need for enhanced hospitality for dignitaries attending the consecration ceremony in Ayodhya. The resting place of each VVIP should be selected in advance. Considering the weather, it is possible that some guests may arrive a day or two earlier. In such a situation, better arrangements should be made for their stay.

● The Chief Minister emphasized the availability of hotels, dharamshalas, and home stay options in Ayodhya. There is a need to further increase the number of tent cities. On the lines of Kumbh, prepare a grand tent city on 25-50 acres in Ayodhya.

● Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath emphasized that after January 22, devotees of Lord Ram from across the globe will visit Ayodhya. To facilitate their convenience, he directed the installation of multilingual signage throughout the city, covering languages from the 8th Schedule of the Constitution and the six official languages of the United Nations.

● Stressing the paramount importance of cleanliness in hospitality, the Chief Minister sought public cooperation. He underscored the necessity of maintaining cleanliness on major roads and streets such as Dharma Path, Janmabhoomi Path, Bhakti Path, and Ram Path. While dustbins have been strategically placed at various locations, the Chief Minister called for enhanced arrangements for waste management. Currently, with over 3800 sanitation workers deployed, he recommended increasing the workforce by an additional 1500 employees to further ensure cleanliness and hygiene.

● The Chief Minister stated that everyone must work together to make Ayodhya a polythene-free city. Run a special campaign related to cleanliness in the city from 14th January. Dirt should not be seen anywhere in the city.

● The Chief Minister said that the upcoming historic Pran-Pratishtha program is a source of joy, pride, and self-satisfaction for crores of Sanatan believers. The whole country is imbued with the spirit of Lord Shri Ram. Deepotsav will be celebrated at every temple in the evening on January 22. Every Sanatan believer is encouraged to welcome Ramlala by lighting the Ramjyoti in their homes and establishments. The Chief Minister has directed that all government buildings be adorned, and arrangements be made for evening fireworks to enhance the festive ambiance.

● The Chief Minister said that theme-based decoration of Dharma Path, Janmabhoomi Path, Bhakti Path, Ram Path should be done. This celebration marks a historic occasion of joy, and efforts should be made to ensure that every visitor, devotee, and tourist departs with a pleasant experience.

● The Chief Minister said that 10-bedded health centers should be prepared in all tent cities. Social and cultural organizations are also eager to cooperate in this. Ambulance should be deployed here. Deploy various specialist doctors in Ayodhya.

● The Chief Minister said: “Today I have personally inspected the arrangements of the tent city. There is a good arrangement here. Emphasize cleanliness and ensure that those staying here have access to hot water. To ensure availability of food grains in the tent city, necessary arrangements should be made by the Food and Logistics Department and Mandi Parishad.”

● The Chief Minister said that night shelters should be organized further. There is a need to increase their numbers in many places.

● The Chief Minister emphasized the need for expanding night shelters and increasing their numbers in various locations. He stressed that no individual seeking shelter for the night in Dharmanagari should endure the cold, and directed the Relief Commissioner to ensure necessary arrangements are made to address this concern.

● The Chief Minister emphasized that a substantial number of people are expected for the consecration ceremony. In light of this, he directed the preparation of a green corridor along the routes from Lucknow, Prayagraj, and Gorakhpur to Ayodhya. Ensure continuous movement of vehicles. Enhance the appeal of these passages by adorning them with verses and couplets from Ramayana and Ramcharitmanas. Additionally, install signage in different languages for the convenience of all visitors.

● Develop an enhanced action plan for parking and traffic management specifically for the January 22 event. Ensure ample parking facilities along major roads leading to Ayodhya. Arrange for a sufficient number of electric buses to transport visitors and plan for their organized parking.


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