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PDCA Steering Committee announces men’s under-16 and women’s teams

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Patna, May 14: Rajesh Kumar, Chairman of the Patna District Cricket Association (PDCA) Steering Committee, alongside member Rahbar Abedin, has unveiled the Patna District Under-16 Men’s team and various women’s teams for the upcoming season.

Chairman Rajesh Kumar and member Rahbar Abedin stated that the teams were selected based on the recommendations of the selectors. The initial selection trials were conducted for the Men’s Under-16 category, leading to the formation of four teams from the selected players. Subsequently, a trial match was organized, culminating in the final selection of 29 players. They emphasized the transparency maintained throughout the selection process, with players chosen based on their performance in trials and matches.

Furthermore, they announced the release of the player lists for the Under-15, Under-19, and Under-23 women’s categories. A team will be assembled from the selected players in the women’s category, with a match scheduled in the near future to provide players with match practice.

President Rajesh Kumar and member Rahbar Abedin reiterated their instructions and advice to cricketers and club officials in the Patna district, urging them to refrain from participating in unrecognized cricket events, including unauthorized units of BCA. They warned of direct action by the Cricket Governing Committee without issuing show cause notices for violations. The PDCA Steering Committee urged all players, club officials, and stakeholders concerned with the welfare of Patna Cricket to focus on development and cooperate solely with the Steering Committee.

Selected players are:

Men’s Under-16: Anmol Kumar, Aryveer Kushwaha, Priyanshu Kumar Prateek, Karthik Pandey, Gopal Sah, Ayan Ritesh Sinha, Piyush Kumar, Rohit Pandey, Neeraj Kumar, Dharamveer Kumar, Viraj, Prince Kumar, Divyanshu, Krish Kumar, Anmol Ratan, Prince Dubey, Aksh Vardhan, Rahul Raj, Abhinav Sinha, Aditya Raj, Aditya Sahay, Sanku Kumar, Naman Kumar, Sunny Kumar, Rohit Kumar, Ayansh Avi, Anirudh Raj, Prince Kumar, Aman Patel.

Women’s section
Under-15: Sakshi Kumari, Mahi Raj, Sanskriti Rukhiyar, Sakshi Kumari, Rakhi Chandeni, Chaitali Sanjeet, Kushmanda Mangali, Suniksha Walsh, Prachi Kumari, Prachi Singh, Sneha Prakash, Sonam Kumari, Khushi Kumari, Kritika Kumari, Sambhuik, Vaishnavi Singh, Kasvi.

Under-19: Swarnima Chakraborty, Saumya Akhauri, Andree Rani, Geetanjali Rani, Deepanjali Rani, Sakshi Singh, Yashika Raj, Trayoshi Chatterjee, Ritika Raj, Sangeeta, Muskaan Kumari, Nandani Pandit, Soni Kumari, Sleha Elihshu.

Under-23: Suhani Kumari, Sweta Singh, Saloni Kumari, Mamta Kumari, Rishika Kinjal, Tejashwi (batter), Tejashwi (all-rounder).

Senior: Pooja Kumari, Sonia Raj, Shikha Singh, Dolly Kumari, Preeti Priya.


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