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  • Patna Mayor and BJP Sports Cell Convenor Honour Winners at 29th Taekwondo Championship

Patna Mayor and BJP Sports Cell Convenor Honour Winners at 29th Taekwondo Championship

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Patna: The prize distribution ceremony for the 29th Patna District Taekwondo Championship 2024, organized by the Patna Taekwondo Association, took place at Mangal Talab Patliputra Parishad. The event was graced by the presence of Patna Mayor Sita Sahu and State Convenor of BJP Sports Cell Satish Raju, who jointly awarded the prizes to the athletes.

In her address, Patna Mayor Sita Sahu emphasized that the championship organized by the District Taekwondo Association provides a significant platform for Taekwondo players across the state, enabling them to excel in their sport.

State Convenor of BJP Sports Cell Satish Raju also highlighted the importance of the championship, noting that it offers a stage for players from all over the state, including Patna, to showcase their skills and deliver outstanding performances.

The event saw the participation of BJP Sports Cell treasurer Vikas Singh, Anuj Kumar, organizing committee members Sanjeev Kumar Mehta, Kumar Karmveer, Ravish Raman, Rocky Kumar, Kumar Dharamveer, Shubham Kumar, Rishikesh Kumar, Utpal Kant, Nand Kishore Kushwaha, and Rohit Prakash, along with many other activists and players.


Poomsae Events:

  • Sub Junior Girls:
    • Gold: Aradhya Gautam (CTC)
    • Silver: Arika (CTC)
    • Gold Colour Belt: Arohi Sharma (CTC)
  • Cadet Girls: Colour Belt:
    • Gold: Pakhi Maurya (CTC)
    • Silver 1st: Kritika (CTC)
    • Silver 2nd: Muskan
  • Junior Girls: White Belt:
    • Gold: Aditi Raj
    • Silver: Anika Kumari
    • Bronze: Shreya Kumari
  • Junior Girls: Colour Belt:
    • Gold: Bhoomi Kumari
    • Silver: Shreya Raj
  • Senior Girls:
    • Gold: Shanaya Kumari
    • Silver: Zainab Ali

Poomsae – Cadet Boys:

  • White Belt:
    • Gold: Kartikeya Shivanshu
  • Colour Belt:
    • Gold: Mihir Kumar

Sub Junior Boys:

  • Gold: Ansh Raj (CTC)

Senior Boys:

  • Gold: Ranveer Singh

Cadet Boys:

  • U-41kg:
    • Gold: Harshvardhan (CTC)
    • Silver: Arihant (CTC)
  • U 48 Kg:
    • Gold: Raj Vardhan Sharma (CTC)
  • U 56 Kg:
    • Gold: Aditya Kumar (CTC)
    • Silver: Krish Raj (CTC)
    • Bronze: Mayank Sharma (CTC)

Cadet Girls:

  • U 44 Kg:
    • Gold: Arya Raj (CTC)

Sub-Junior Girls:

  • U 24-26 Kg:
    • Gold: Aashi Keshav
    • Silver: Aarohi Sharma
    • Bronze: Anshika Roy
  • U 29-32 Kg:
    • Gold: Rishika Kumari (CTC)
    • Silver: Bhoomi Kumari (STA)
    • Bronze: Viragna Kumari (STC)
  • U 38 Kg:
    • Gold: Manisha Kumari (STC)
    • Silver: Sugni Kumari (CTC)
    • Bronze: Siddhi Kothari (CTC)


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