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Home News Now, criminals fear going to jail in UP, says CM Yogi

Now, criminals fear going to jail in UP, says CM Yogi

In Fatehpur Sikri, Chief Minister addresses ‘Jan Chaupal’ in support of National President of BJP Kisan Morcha, MP and BJP candidate Rajkumar Chahar

Prevailing sentiment suggests NDA candidates to lead with 3 lakh votes each initially on 25 seats, says CM

I.N.D.I. Alliance brings together parties, not hearts: Yogi

Opposition parties are not getting candidates, Congress candidate is joining SP, and vice versa: Yogi

By Our Correspondent

Fatehpur Sikri: Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, on Wednesday, said that when he implemented a zero-tolerance policy against criminals upon assuming power in Uttar Pradesh in 2017, many of them opted to surrender and go to jail to avoid severe consequences. However, the situation has now changed drastically. “Now they’re pleading not to be sent to jail. They’re afraid to go there too,” he added.

The Chief Minister was addressing a ‘Vishal Jan Choupal’ in support of BJP candidate from Fatehpur Sikri, MP and National President of BJP Kisan Morcha, Rajkumar Chahar. During his address, he criticized the criminals in Uttar Pradesh while also attacking the I.N.D.I. alliance.

Adityanath highlighted that before 2017, police stations in many areas remained locked after sunset, reflecting the dire state of law and order. “The plight of ordinary citizens was evident to all. Criminals assumed that this government would be no different from its predecessors, but we declared a policy of zero tolerance against crime and criminals. We made it clear-stop committing crimes, or, be prepared to face music,” he asserted.

He continued, “In those days, many criminals, who were on bail, got their bail orders cancelled and went back to the jails. However, things have changed now. Now they’re pleading not to be sent to the jails also. They’re afraid to face the consequences. You must have observed that many criminals are now seen roaming the streets, holding placards, promising to earn their livelihood through honest means, and vowing not to engage in wrongdoing again. They are desperately pleading for mercy.”

The Chief Minister emphasized that if the mafia and criminals aren’t held accountable by the law, they will continue to make life unbearable for the poor, businessmen, and ordinary citizens. “There used to be riots every other day in UP. However, the state that was once plagued by riot curfews under the Congress and SP’s rule will no longer tolerate such disruptions. Uttar Pradesh now embraces festivities and traditional celebrations. Utsav Pradesh believes in Modi’s guarantee,” affirmed Yogi.

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath highlighted the contrasting situations between the NDA alliance led by the BJP and the discord within the I.N.D.I alliance, stating, “On one side, there’s the united NDA alliance under BJP’s leadership, while on the other, there are those individuals “Jo dal milana chahte hain par unke dil nahi mil rahe” (which are trying to bring together their parties while their hearts do not meet).

Continuing, he pointed out the disarray within the I.N.D.I alliance, citing examples from different states. “Look at the situation in West Bengal, where the Trinamool Congress has fielded candidates on all seats without leaving any for Congress, yet they claim to be part of the alliance. Similarly, the Communists in Kerala haven’t aligned with Congress but are part of the I.N.D.I alliance. This confusion is evident in various regions, including Maharashtra, where they struggle to find candidates. Congress candidates are joining SP, and SP candidates are joining Congress. They attempt to manipulate the electoral arena with such tactics.” He contrasted it with the NDA, which stayed united under PM Modi’s leadership, emphasising the voters’ unshakable trust in the alliance.

UP CM Yogi Adityanath

The CM said that the public is confident about the results of the 18th Lok Sabha. “Our focus lies solely on determining the margin by which our candidate secures victory to enter Parliament. There is similar competition on every Lok Sabha seat. Having campaigned across 25 Lok Sabha seats, the prevailing sentiment is that our lead begins at three lakhs, and we are determined to expand it with the blessings of the public. In the pursuit of a developed India, everyone has collectively decided to entrust the leadership of the country to Modi.”

The CM emphasized that BJP candidate Rajkumar Chahar is committed to serving the Annadata farmers nationwide. He has devoted his life to their cause, not confining his efforts to Uttar Pradesh alone. Instead, he travels to various states across the country, representing the farmers’ issues to the national leadership and actively contributing to finding solutions under PM Modi’s guidance. The CM urged the electorate to support dedicated workers like Rajkumar Chahar to secure victory in the elections.

Cabinet Minister Baby Rani Maurya, Program Convenor Shyam Sundar Sharma, Mayor Hemlata Diwakar, Fatehpur Sikri MP and BJP Lok Sabha candidate Rajkumar Chahar, MLA Pakshalika Singh, Chhotelal Verma, Bhagwan Singh Kushwaha, District Panchayat President Dr. Manju Bhadauria, BJP District President Giriraj Singh Kushwaha etc. were present on the occasion.




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