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  • MTG Launches the Revised Edition of 37 Years NEET Chapter-wise Topic-wise PYQ For NEET 2025

MTG Launches the Revised Edition of 37 Years NEET Chapter-wise Topic-wise PYQ For NEET 2025

MTG Launches the revised edition of NEET 37 years solved papers
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Gurgaon, Haryana, India

The NEET 2024 exam was concluded on 5th May 2024 breaking all previous records. With a whooping participation of around 25 lakh students aiming for only 1,06,333 MBBS seats, the NEET 2024 exam was a battle! A battle in which only 5% of NEET aspirants will win.

This year, NEET registrations increased by around 20%, almost double of last year’s hike. This increased level of competition will lead to a potential increase in the cutoff marks as compared to the previous year.

Every year the number of registrations keeps booming, so it is highly probable that in NEET 2025 another record will be broken. With such a huge participation level for a limited number of seats, the competition is bound to be brutal next year. That’s why this growing competitiveness of the exam, emphasises the importance of early and thorough preparation for NEET 2025 and that’s where MTG shines.

So, to give NEET 2025 aspirants relief and the preparation they deserve, MTG has released its revised and updated catalogue of all the best NEET books for 2025.

MTG’s 37 Years Chapter Wise-Topic Wise Solutions
Take your NEET 2025 preparation ahead with one of the largest MTG question bank of 37 years of AIPMT, NEET, and NEET rescheduled papers with expert solutions. These solutions will make students ready to tackle any question that may come from the concepts.

This 37 years NEET PYQ book is a bestselling title and has 2 unique features that you will not find in any other book on the market.

  1. Video Solutions: Going the extra mile, MTG offers video solutions for tricky questions, which helps students’ thorough understanding of concepts and provides clarity on complex topics.
  2. Free Smartbook: Students get complimentary access to a digital replica of MTG 37 Years NEET Chapterwise-Topicwise Solutions through a Smartbook, making the most out of technology to offer flexibility. This digital platform allows students to practice 37 NEET PYQ chapterwise book anytime, anywhere, at no additional cost in their smart phones, tablets, or desktops.

Not just that this smart book offers a plethora of other features to prepare better.

  • With 7000+ questions, customize 7000+ NEET tests.
  • Each attempt is saved as a report for future reference.
  • Wrong answers will be marked for later practice.
  • Create flashcards for revision & memorization.
  • Get performance analysis reports after tests.

MTG Objective NCERT at your Fingertips

This is a one-of-a-kind book in the market that covers the complete NCERT by extracting MCQs from each line of the NCERT textbooks.

MTG NEET Champion 
This book provides the All-India papers of medical exams from all regional, AIPMT, NEET and NEET rescheduled exams to give NEET aspirants an edge over peers.

MTG Complete NEET Guide 
It offers comprehensive theory, MCQs, 10 AIPMT/NEET PYPs and detailed solutions to aid in understanding and practice for NEET exam preparation.

MTG 10 Sample Papers NEET-UG
This book consists of 10 sample papers exactly like the actual NEET exam to give you real NEET exam-like practice.

10-Year Solved Papers-NEET Explorer
This book provides a comprehensive practice opportunity with detailed solutions to improve NEET 2025 exam scores and problem-solving skills.

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