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CBI Launches Immediate Investigation into NEET Paper Leak Case

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By Neeraj Kumar

Patna: The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has promptly begun its investigation into the NEET paper leak case, registering an FIR and dispatching a team to Patna. Early Monday morning, a CBI team visited the Bihar Economic Offences Unit (EOU) office. The central government has transferred the case to the CBI for a thorough investigation. On Sunday, the CBI filed the case and formed two special teams, one of which is now in Patna.

CBI officials arrived in Patna on Sunday evening, having already contacted the Bihar EOU. They requested all documents related to the paper leak and the EOU’s investigation report. By Monday morning, these documents were handed over to the CBI team, which will now analyze them and proceed with further action.

In a press release, the CBI detailed the case, stating that they registered a criminal case following a written complaint from the Director of Higher Education, Government of India. The FIR alleges that the NEET exam conducted by the NTA on May 5, 2024, at 4,750 centers across 571 cities, saw over 23 lakh candidates appearing, with some isolated irregularities occurring in certain states.

The Ministry of Education has asked the CBI to conduct a comprehensive investigation into these irregularities. The CBI’s mandate includes uncovering any conspiracy, instances of cheating, destruction of evidence by candidates, institutions, and middlemen, and any irregularities during the NEET exam. They are also tasked with identifying any involvement of NTA personnel.

The CBI confirmed it has launched the investigation and formed special teams to prioritize this case. These teams have been dispatched to key locations, including Patna, Bihar, and Godhra, Gujarat, where local police have already registered related cases.



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