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Lufthansa Launches Direct Flights from Hyderabad to Frankfurt

Hyderabad, Telangana, India: 

  • India is the fastest growing major market for Lufthansa post pandemic
  • State-of-the-art travel experience aboard new 787 Dreamliner aircraft
  • New service connecting Hyderabad to Europe begins January 17, 2024
Furthering its commitment to India and enhancing its presence on the subcontinent, Lufthansa German Airlines is pleased to announce direct services from Hyderabad, capital of the Indian state of Telangana and Frankfurt, Germany.

Once known as the City of Pearls due to its historical significance in the pearl and diamond trade, Hyderabad has long been a hub for merchants and traders from all over the world. Today, Hyderabad is India’s 4th largest city, an emerging technological, aerospace and Indian pharma hub, with a strong presence of major multinational companies including Google & Microsoft as well as Boeing & Airbus. As a growing capital city in a prosperous state, both Hyderabad and the State of Telangana have contributed to the economic success of India today. An investment hub as well as a centre for innovation, Hyderabad combines the old-world charm of its rich history with the dynamism of 21st century India.

As the leading European carrier in India, Lufthansa now operates direct connections from Germany to 5 destinations in the country with Hyderabad-Frankfurt being the latest addition to its global network. As the fastest growing major market for Lufthansa globally, capacity growth in India exceeds pre-pandemic levels. According to Mr. George Ettiyil, Senior Director – South Asia, Lufthansa Group:

“With our new Hyderabad-Frankfurt service we now offer Indian passengers 64 weekly flights to our hubs in Europe and onward connections to the biggest network on the European continent. As we launch Hyderabad, our capacity to India has increased by 14% (relative to 2019), making it the fastest growing major market for Lufthansa. With Bangalore-Munich and now Hyderabad-Frankfurt services, we have launched 2 new routes in the past 3 months, recognizing South India’s growing relevance and demonstrating the strong overall importance of India to the Lufthansa Group.”

With more than 700 employees in India and a 60+ year legacy in the country, Lufthansa remains committed to playing an integral role in India’s continued growth story.



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