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  • Crompton Introduces its New Range of IndiBreeze Industrial Air Coolers that Delivers ‘Jaldi Cooling’ Providing Relief in the Summer Heat

Crompton Introduces its New Range of IndiBreeze Industrial Air Coolers that Delivers ‘Jaldi Cooling’ Providing Relief in the Summer Heat

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Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals Limited, renowned for its commitment to quality and pioneering innovations in appliances, has continuously redefined your living spaces with sophistication and unparalleled style. Taking this to a new level, Crompton is once again transforming cooling solutions with the launch of its IndiBreeze Industrial Cooler range. Available in 95L and 135L capacities, these industrial-grade coolers are specifically designed to tackle the demanding needs of large, open spaces like factories, warehouses, restaurants with open kitchens, and large lobby areas.

As climate change becomes a harsh reality and temperatures soar to unprecedented levels, we are likely to face extreme heat in the upcoming season. The intense heatwaves and scorching temperatures make it important for one to experience instant cooling after a long day. Instant cooling is not only necessary to combat the heat but also to ensure comfort, convenience, and overall well-being during the summer months. Coolers, therefore, offer a valuable solution with their affordability, durability, and energy-efficient features, providing optimal cooling comfort anytime, anywhere. However, traditional metal coolers, while cost-effective, often struggle to deliver effective cooling in large, open spaces. In line with Crompton’s commitment to enhancing the consumer experience, the company has introduced a new range of industrial air coolers – IndiBreeze series designed to deliver “Jaldi Cooling” this summer season.

Speaking about the latest innovation, Mr. Malhar Vadke – Business Head (Large Domestic Appliances) – Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals Ltd. said, “The launch of the IndiBreeze Industrial Cooler range reflects Crompton’s dedication to evolving alongside its customers’ needs. Our living spaces have transformed; they are no longer just places of residence, but dynamic environments where comfort plays a crucial role in various activities. Similarly, industrial spaces require solutions that prioritize worker well-being and ensure optimal productivity. The IndiBreeze Industrial Coolers addresses this growing need for powerful and reliable cooling in industrial / different settings. Crompton has a history of breaking barriers with advanced technology and pioneering innovations. We believe the IndiBreeze Industrial Coolers continue this tradition, delivering the same high results you expect from our products for a more comfortable and convenient consumer experience.”

IndiBreeze DAC 95 Industrial Air Cooler

Engineered with precision and innovation, these coolers are designed to redefine cooling solutions for industrial spaces. Crompton understands that industrial settings require robust equipment that can withstand heavy-duty use. Hence, with their advanced features and reliable performance, the IndiBreeze 95 and IndiBreeze 135 are set to elevate cooling experiences in industrial environments, offering unparalleled comfort and efficiency.

Find below the details of the products:

  • IndiBreeze 95 features a robust double-bearing motor enhancement, ensuring longevity and reliability. With high-density honeycomb pads and a 17″ inch Matel fan blade, it delivers a powerful airflow of 6500m3/hr. Equipped with fully collapsible louvers, an Everlast Pump, and auto-fill functionality, it offers convenience and efficiency. Its inverter capability and heavy-duty caster wheels make it adaptable and easy to maneuver
  • IndiBreeze 135 boasts similar features but with enhancements tailored for larger spaces. Its double-bearing motor ensures durability, while the 20″ metal fan blade facilitates higher airflow, delivering an impressive 9000m3/hr. With fully collapsible louvers, an Everlast Pump, and auto-fill functionality, it guarantees optimal and consistent performance. Like its counterpart, it is inverter compatible and equipped with heavy-duty caster wheels for enhanced mobility.

The IndiBreeze range of air coolers is available across the retail stores of Crompton and e-commerce channels as well for a price range of Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 29,000.

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