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  • Motorola Disrupts the Indian True Wireless Stereo (TWS) Category with the Launch of moto buds and moto buds+

Motorola Disrupts the Indian True Wireless Stereo (TWS) Category with the Launch of moto buds and moto buds+

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New Delhi, Delhi, India: 

  • Motorola today announced the launch of the moto buds and moto buds+ in India.
  • moto buds+ is the Segment’s 1st and only buds that have the unique certification of Sound by Bose. The moto buds+ brings Bose’s unique expertise in Active Noise Cancellation and EQ tuning, resulting in an amazing sound experience.
  • moto buds+ also has support for Dolby Head tracking and Dolby Atmos for immersive multi-dimensional sound experience and comes with dual dynamic drivers and Hi-Res audio enabling lossless sound with crisp vocals and deep bass.
  • The moto buds+ and moto buds enable up to 42 hours of playtime with wireless charging support on moto buds+.
  • These Earbuds have Dynamic Adaptive Noise Cancellation which lets users choose between different noise cancellation modes. moto buds has segment’s leading noise cancellation upto 50db.
  • Both the earbuds come in Pantone Curated Colors with IP54 & IPX4 rated water repellant design that protects it from spills and splashes while listening to music on your run or taking a call in the rain.
  • The moto buds+ and moto buds seamlessly integrate into the Moto ecosystem, enhancing the experience with the moto buds app.
Motorola, the world’s leading technology brand, today announced the launch of the moto buds and moto buds+ True Wireless Stereo offerings in India. Expanding beyond smartphones, moto buds family strengthens Motorola’s current product portfolio by integrating accessories into the Moto ecosystem, for a smoother, dynamic experience for consumers. In today’s fast-paced world where seamless integration and dynamic audio experiences are essential, the moto buds’ family stands out, offering users a perfect blend of clarity, intensity, style, and innovation. For this launch, Motorola has introduced the ‘Sound of Perfection’ a never seen before Intellectual property by a mobile phone brand that brings top music artists from across India to create five songs in five different languages, culminating in a final fusion track bringing all the artists together for a perfect fusion. The album is aimed at bringing a sensorial musical experience to the audience resonating with the true audio experience provided by the moto buds family.

Introducing Sound by Bose, moto buds+ are the Segment’s Only Earbuds which brings Bose’s unique expertise in optimizing sound quality, Active Noise Cancellation and EQ tuning, resulting in a staggering sound experience. Motorola and Bose, two iconic brands with a shared commitment to innovation have joined forces to deliver an unmatched experience for high-quality audio on the go. The moto buds+ are certified by Bose to deliver an unprecedented audio experience. Additionally, the Dual Dynamic Drivers (11mm+6mm) help users experience lossless audio with crisp vocals and deep, dynamic bass for the users to enjoy every song and movie with clarity and unmatched intensity.

Users can enjoy up to 8 hours of playtime with their earbuds on just a single charge which together with case battery backup can last upto 42 hrs for moto buds. It also has a fast charging which gives backup of up to 3 hours of listening on just a 10-minute fast charge for unstoppable listening. The moto buds+ can also be charged wirelessly so users can break free from the hassle of wires and chords and charge their earbuds on the go. Additionally, users can immerse themselves in the fuller, multidimensional sound of Dolby Atmos® with greater depth, clarity, and details than ever before. Coupled with Dolby Head Tracking™ which identifies the location of sound as the user turns their head, recalibrating to give a more natural sound experience. Furthermore, its Hi-Res Audio certified sound system provides studio-quality music with a wider dynamic range and 3x more data rate.

Dynamic Adaptive Noise Cancellation lets users choose between different noise cancellation modes to find what works best for them. Going up to 46dB of noise cancellation and up to 3.3KHz of ultrawide noise cancellation frequency range, the moto buds+ also comes with Adaptive mode which intelligently identifies ambient noise and automatically switches cancellation levels. Conversely, Transparency Mode captures the sound around the user, so they stay tuned in to their surroundings.

The moto buds+ seamlessly integrates into the Moto ecosystem, enhancing the experience with the moto buds app. All this with a modern design and comfortable fit and feel which is water repellent and stays protected from spills and splashes in any direction.

Commenting on the launch, Mr. T.M. Narasimhan, Managing Director, Mobile Business Group – India, Motorola said, “The launch of moto buds and moto buds+ exemplifies Motorola’s commitment to deliver cutting-edge technology and fostering innovation across the entire Motorola ecosystem. Boasting Sound by Bose, and advanced audio features such as Dolby Atmos, Dolby head tracking, Hi-Res Audio, and advanced noise control, all packaged in a modern, water-repellent design, our new earbuds redefine on-the-go audio experiences. Our collaboration with Bose exemplifies our commitment to partnerships that help us leverage mutual strengths to achieve innovation, enhancing the way people experience sound. Together, we aim to set new standards for audio excellence and elevate the listening experience for our customers.”

Following suit, the moto buds also deliver high-quality sound and enhanced bass owing to its 12.4mm dynamic driver with expert tuning, resulting in crisp and clean audio. Similar to the moto buds+, the moto buds also come with a Hi-Res Audio certified sound system for a wider dynamic range and 3x more data. Users can enjoy the audio undisturbed with different noise cancellation modes with Segment’s leading noise cancellation up to 50dB and up to 4KHz of ultrawide noise cancellation range. Connecting seamlessly with the Moto ecosystem for added convenience.

It also charges up quickly, providing 2 hours of listening time with just a 10-minute charge and 42 hours of keep-up time whenever needed with a fully charged case for an uninterrupted listening experience. Additionally, a single charge provides up to 9 hours of playtime. The moto buds have a triple-mic system that captures audio from three different points, resulting in better ambient noise suppression and echo cancellation. Crystal Talk AI, voices can be heard clearly over loud environments. Finally, the moto buds have a premium ergonomics design and light in weight. These also boast a water-repellent design and are available in youthful Pantone-curated colours Starlight Blue, Glacier Blue and Coral Peach.


The moto buds+ and moto buds will go on sale from 15th May 2024, 12PM on Flipkart,

Pricing & Launch Offers:

For moto buds+,
Launch Price: INR 9,999
For moto buds,
Launch Price: INR 4,999
Affordability Offers:

Consumers can additionally avail special limited period Instant bank discount on ICICI Bank Credit Cards of upto Rs 2,000 on moto buds+ and upto Rs 1,000 on moto buds.

Net Effective Pricing,

For moto buds+, INR 9,999 INR 7,999 (Including bank discount)
For moto buds, INR 4,999 INR 3,999 (Including bank discount)
–Press release

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