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  • Congress views Akbar as ‘great,’ BJP regards Maharana Pratap highly: CM Yogi

Congress views Akbar as ‘great,’ BJP regards Maharana Pratap highly: CM Yogi

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  • Madhya Pradesh elections: On the first day, CM Yogi conducts four public meetings and urges people to vote in favour of BJP
  • For them, Ram Mandir is a symbol of communalism, for us, it represents nationalism: Yogi Adityanath
  • The term “mafia” has now become a thing of the past in Uttar Pradesh

By Our Correspondent

Shajapur/Dewas: Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath visited Madhya Pradesh on Tuesday as part of his campaign for the assembly elections in five states. During his visit, he conducted public meetings in four assembly constituencies, rallying for support in favor of the BJP.

During this, CM Yogi emphasized the significant roles played by Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh in India, highlighting their shared heritage, culture, and traditions, which, according to him, “bind them as if they are two bodies with one soul.”

Taking a swipe at the Congress in Madhya Pradesh for attempting to distort and insult India’s history, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath pointed out that, during the Congress era, history was manipulated to portray Akbar as great while undermining the greatness of Maharana Pratap. In contrast, the BJP recognizes the eminence of Maharana Pratap and Chhatrapati Shivaji, he added.

The UP Chief Minister accused the Congress of denying the existence of Ram and Shri Krishna. “For them, the history of India begins with Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru. They refer to themselves as ‘accidental’. In Uttar Pradesh, the term “mafia” has now become a thing of the past.”

Election Division: Ram Devotees vs. Anti-Ram Devotees

CM Yogi Adityanath held a rally in support of BJP candidate Inder Singh Parmar in Shujalpur. Addressing the public, he said, “You and your ancestors had struggled and wished for the Ram temple. We are fortunate to witness the completion of that work with our own eyes. On January 22, Ramlala will be installed in his temple by Prime Minister Modi’s hands.”

Congress consistently presents challenges and seems uninterested in finding solutions. While Congress advocated for no change, the Ram devotees took a resolute stand to dismantle the remnants of oppression. In the ongoing election battle, one side comprises the Ram devotees, while the other represents the anti-Ram devotees, he remarked.

“On one side are patriotic individuals who kindle the flames of education, while on the other, liquor mafias are leading our youth towards destruction by serving them alcohol. Allowing mafia figures to contest elections poses a serious risk to the future of our youth, and we are steadfast in our resolve to keep liquor mafias and criminals out of the political arena.”

Congress used to say that only Muslims have the right on the country’s resources

CM Yogi conducted his second public meeting in support of Kalapipal Assembly candidate Ghanshyam Chandravanshi. During this event, the CM asserted that Congress has no genuine concern for India and its values. He criticized the Congress for its past stance, alleging that the party once claimed that only Muslims had a rightful claim to the country’s resources, which left Hindus in a precarious position. CM Yogi insisted that the nation and the younger generation should not forget how Congress practiced discrimination.

For those who have turned politics into a career, who have made it an inherited legacy, and who engage in deceptive and harmful tactics in the name of politics, it is time to permanently close their political establishments. CM Yogi also pointed out that the Congress candidate promoted “love jihad,” choosing to stand with perpetrators of love jihad rather than the Hindu girls.

“They see communalism in the construction of Kashi Vishwanath Dham, Mahakal Lok, Ram Temple, but they see goodwill in the love jihadis who spew the poison of jihadi mentality. Ram Mandir is a symbol of communalism for them and nationalism for us,” said Yogi.

If Congress is defeated in elections, the problem will be solved on its own

In Khategaon, CM Yogi Adityanath emphasized that instead of prioritizing the nation, the Congress appeared to be preoccupied with its own family interests. He regarded it as a tragic situation for the Congress, which was unable to liberate itself from dynastic politics. He cautioned that a return of the Congress to power would bring about problems.

CM Yogi cited the Modi government’s decisive move in permanently abolishing Article 370. He said that wherever Congress has influence, problems arise, and he made an appeal to eliminate Congress in the upcoming elections, believing that doing so would put an end to the problems.

“If Congress, which claims to be the oldest party, is forgetting great men, it has no right to exist.” CM said that there has not been a single riot in UP in six and a half years because there is a double engine government there. He contrasted this with the past when parallel mafia-run governments operated, emphasizing that the term “mafia” has now become history in Uttar Pradesh.



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