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CABT Establishes Herbal and Medicinal Plant Garden With Rare Collections

By Avijit Biswas

Bhagalpur: With rare collections the College of Agricultural Biotechnology (CABT) here has established a garden of herbal and medicinal plants.  CABT a constituent unit of Bihar Agricultural University (BAU), Sabour has raised the herbal and medicinal plant garden with help of important and rare plant species collected by students and teachers from different parts of country in course of educational tour beside visit to different educational and research institutions.

The newly established herbal and medicinal plant garden of CABT was inaugurated yesterday by D.R Singh, Vice-Chancellor (VC), BAU. Speaking on the occasion VC hailed CABT initiative of establishing herbal and medicinal plant garden.

He dwelt on the importance of herbal and medicinal plant garden in his address. The VC assured CABT students and teachers present on the occasion that university would do everything needed for development of the college.

As token of appreciation medals and citation were given by VC to students and teachers involved in establishment of herbal cum medicinal garden. The plant species in the garden include those brought from Andaman and Nicobar Islands besides Betel Vine Research Centre, Islampur in state.

Nearly 1050 medicinal plants collected from the site of ancient Vikramshila University and its surrounding areas by students and teachers during the educational tour was transplanted to establish the herbal cum medicinal plant garden. Those present at inauguration of herbal and medicinal plant garden included the dean, directors, and registrar of university, besides principal, teachers, and students of CABT.

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