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Bihar women’s B team gets 4th spot in National Team Chess Championship

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Patna: Bihar’s women’s B team made Bihar proud with its remarkable performance in the 43rd National Team Chess and 21st National Team Women’s Chess Championship being held from March 29 in Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh. The Women’s B team scored a total of 9 points in this seven-round competition.

It is noteworthy that in the last round this team lost to LIC team by 2.5-1.5. Had this match been a draw, this team would have secured third place and if it had won, it would have made a record of becoming the runner-up. However, this performance was the best performance from Bihar so far.

Apart from captain Neha Singh, Mariam Fatima, Garima Gaurav, Adiba Ullah and Palak Sinha represented Bihar in this team which scored a total of 9 match points and 16.5 game points. Bihar Women’s B team, which stood fourth, was awarded a total cash prize of Rs 60,000.

The captain of this team, Neha Singh, who scored 5.5 points in seven rounds, was awarded the silver medal for her better performance on board number 1. This team won a total of 4 matches, drew one while lost 2. The winning players were honoured by All India Chess Federation’s newly elected Secretary Dev Patel, Joint Secretary Sanjeev Thakur and Himachal Pradesh Chess Association President Arun Kamboj with prize money and medals.

Apart from these, Bihar Women’s A team secured 11th position by playing seven matches and scoring 15 game points in seven rounds. This team led by Minky Sinha won three out of seven matches, drew one while lost three.
The winner of the same competition was the team of Petroleum Sports Control Board which scored a total of 14 match points and 24.5 game points in the competition.

In the men’s category, the title of winner and runner-up was won by the teams of Railway Sports Promotion Board whereas the men’s team of Bihar got 24th position. This team led by Shashinand Kumar scored a total of 7 points in 9 rounds.

President of All Bihar Chess Association Diljit Khanna, Secretary Dharmendra Kumar and all the officials and the entire Bihar Chess family congratulated this women’s team of Bihar, which secured fourth place in the National Team Chess Championship.


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