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Baes Club: The One Stop Shop for all your Fashion and Beauty Needs

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Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Baes Club was founded in 2019 by the Late Mrs. Mamatha Munoth. Started as a clothing and footwear brand with its first flagship store in 173/45, 16th Main Road, Jayanagar 4th T block, Bangalore, it offered handpicked products from Korea, Istanbul, China etc under the proprietorship firm – Ritz International. Seeing the success of the apparel and footwear segment, in January 2021 Baes Club was transferred to BMVS India Pvt. Ltd.

Mrs. Munoth founded Baes Club with a dream to provide a one stop shop for all premium quality products at an affordable cost. Unfortunately, in April 2021, she passed away, leaving a legacy to be carried forward. Her daughter, Sristi Munoth paused her career and took over Baes Club to fulfil her mother’s dream. Keeping in mind Baes Club’s motto of ‘providing premium quality over quantity’ at an affordable price, they only use sustainable and ethically sourced materials.

Sristi Munoth, Director, Baes Club, said, “My mother always wanted to provide premium quality products from head-to-toe at an affordable price, and started Baes Club with this aim. I will continue to uphold her legacy and strive towards making Baes Club a one-stop-shop for premium quality products, providing our customers the best products at an affordable price.” With the help of Baes Club’s enthusiastic and highly motivated team, she aims to reach as many people as possible and carry forward her mother’s legacy. Currently, Baes Club is focusing on the Bangalore market, with plans to expand beyond by 2024. They also aim to achieve 90% women work force to promote women empowerment.

The team at Baes Club is currently working on a couple of unique products which will be available to customers in the coming months. Meanwhile, their current product range is available for purchase across major platforms such as the official Baes Club brand website (, Big Basket, Amazon, Flipkart, Jio Mart, Spar, Dabur New U etc. The future is looking bright for Baes club, and with Sristi’s dedication and passion, the store is sure to continue to grow and expand with more premium quality products.


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