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L V Prasad Eye Institute Ranked Among the Top 10 Global Eye Research Institutions

Hyderabad, Telangana, India

  • SCImago Institutions Rankings 2023 ranks LVPEI eighth worldwide in Ophthalmology (health) category.
  • LVPEI is the only Indian institute in the top ten.
  • The SCImago rankings agency ranks institutions from around the world based on research output (includes research publications, technology innovation and the societal impact).

L V Prasad Eye Institute (LVPEI) has been ranked among the Top 10 global eye health institutions for its research output by the SCImago rankings agency. In the SCImago Institutions Rankings 2023, LVPEI is ranked eighth in the world (ranked second in Asia) in the Ophthalmology (health) category, making it the only eye health institution from India to be listed among the top ten global eye research institutions.

The SCImago ranking agency, a Spanish global ranking organization evaluates institutions worldwide based on their research output. The ranking is calculated by building a ‘composite indicator’ that combines and standardizes the quality and quantity of research publications, innovation (patents and patent citations) and the societal impact of research output (the social media conversations around published research). These composite values are calculated by looking at data from a variety of research and web analytics datasets. Last year, SCImago ranked institutions by speciality for the first time, and LVPEI featured in that top ten list too. They looked at five years of data to produce the rankings for 2023.

Research and innovation have been integral to LVPEI from its inception. SCImago Institutes Rankings is among the most comprehensive rankings of worldwide universities and research institutions. It is very encouraging to be ranked as one of the top 10 global eye research institutions. Being the first Indian eye care institution to feature on this list is a matter of pride and a major milestone for Indian eye and medical research,” says Dr Gullapalli N Rao, Founder Chair of L V Prasad Eye Institute.

Another unique achievement,” says Dr Prashant Garg, Executive Chair of L V Prasad Eye Institute, “Is the fact that LVPEI is the youngest, standalone eye institute in the world to make it to the top 10, sharing the honour with organizations and universities whose history dates back to over 200 years.”

The top 10 global eye research institutions in the Ophthalmology (Health) category:

  1. Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Trust, London, UK
  2. Johns Hopkins Medicine, Baltimore, USA
  3. Singapore National Eye Centre, Singapore
  4. University of Miami Health System, Florida, USA
  5. Singapore Eye Research Institute, Singapore
  6. UCLA Health System, California, USA
  7. National Institutes of Health, Maryland, USA
  8. L V Prasad Eye Institute, India
  9. U S Department of Health & Human Services, Washington DC, USA
  10. Institut National de la Santé et de la Recherche Médicale, Paris, France

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