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Ashok Mahato’s Wife Anita Devi Will Contest Lok Sabha Elections from Munger

Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) gives party symbol

Patna: The Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) has chosen Ashok Mahato’s wife Anita Devi as its candidate for Munger. Within 24 hours of the marriage, Lalu Prasad Yadav presented her with the party symbol. This evening, Ashok Mahato arrived at Rabri Dev’s residence with his wife. Lalu Prasad Yadav handed her the emblem.

Ashok Mahato, who came out after receiving the sign, stated that Munger is our territory, and we would win. Anita Devi, Ashok Mahato’s new bride, stated that there is a lot to say. “We’ll tell you everything when the time comes. I will not say anything right now.” She just announced that she will win the elections. Lalan Singh, the former national president of the Janata Dal (United), is now an MP from Munger.

JD(U) can offer him another ticket. As a result, it is predicted that Ashok Mahato’s wife, Anita, will appear in front of Lalan Singh. Bihar’s infamous Ashok Mahato married in Kharmas on Tuesday night just for the sake of a Lok Sabha ticket.

Ashok is 62 years old, and his wife is 16 years younger than him. The web series Khaki the Bihar Chapter was created by Ashok Mahato. After his marriage, Ashok Mahato and his wife reached Rabri Devi’s residence. He explained that he had come there to seek blessings. He wants his wife to run for election in Munger on the RJD ticket. Many criminal cases have been filed against Ashok. He has also received punishment. He had been in jail for 17 years. He was freed from jail on December 10, 2023. He was barred from running for office as a result of his punishment. As a result, he married in less than two days so that his bride could run for office.

The author is senior journalist based in Patna




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