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  • A Unique Raksha Bandhan: Thousands of Sisters Tie Rakhi to Brother Nilesh Sambare in Palghar District

A Unique Raksha Bandhan: Thousands of Sisters Tie Rakhi to Brother Nilesh Sambare in Palghar District

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Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Raksha Bandhan, a festival that symbolizes the sacred bond between siblings, is often viewed as a celebration of love and affection. However, in the modern era, where true connections and genuine emotions are becoming rarer, a heartwarming example of this unique relationship is witnessed annually in the village of Zadpoli, located in Vikramgad Taluka of Palghar district. Here, every year, thousands of sisters from Thane and Palghar districts come to tie Rakhi to a brotherly figure, Nilesh Bhau, as a gesture of social goodwill.

This distinct Raksha Bandhan initiative is annually organized by Jijau Educational and Social Organization under the leadership of its Chairman, Nilesh Sambare. Nilesh Bhau resides in Zadpoli, Vikramgad Taluka, Palghar district, and the event attracts a significant number of women from various places in Thane and Palghar districts who come to tie Rakhi to Nilesh Bhau.

In a society where many are often engrossed in their busy lives, several selfless souls tirelessly work day and night, not for recognition but to serve the community. These individuals become the unsung heroes of society, ensuring its well-being and security. This is what makes our society thrive and breathe. Recognizing this, Jijau Sanstha acknowledges the unsung heroes in the field of social service, healthcare workers, and female police officers, who have worked relentlessly during the pandemic to safeguard lives.

In last year’s Raksha Bandhan event, Ashatai, an Anganwadi worker, and health workers, were honored for their contributions towards welfare and overcoming challenges like malnutrition in their respective areas. During that event, Nilesh Bhau, as a brotherly figure, promised to raise the concerns of these workers at the governmental level and advocate for their welfare.

This year, Nilesh Bhau conveyed his message of concern for their genuine issues during the Raksha Bandhan event, assuring the women present that their voices will be heard. He also expressed his willingness to sincerely address their problems and work towards their solutions, as demanded by Jijau Sanstha. This gesture speaks volumes about the organization’s commitment to not only celebrating Raksha Bandhan but also to genuinely empathize with the issues faced by these women.

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