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Manipal’s American University of Antigua (AUA) is Commencing the Orientation for the Fall 2023 Class in Manipal this September

Manipal, Karnataka, India

Manipal’s American University of Antigua (AUA) is commencing a fresh chapter with the initiation of its Fall 2023 intake for the 6.5-year Pre-Med to MD program. From an initial pool of over 600 inquiries and 100+ applications, a handpicked cohort of aspiring medical students will convene in Manipal for their orientation on September 4th, 2023. Anticipation runs high among the students, the dean, and the faculty, as this journey toward becoming a doctor takes its first steps, carrying the hopes and aspirations of the students and their parents.

The 2-year pre-med program at Manipal forms a solid foundation for these medical hopefuls. AUA’s medical curriculum is meticulously crafted, allowing students to initiate their medical education in either India or Antigua, progress to immersive clinical rotations in the United States, and ultimately fulfill their aspiration of becoming licensed doctors in the US, UK, or Canada after successfully clearing the required licensure exams.

The program structure at the American University of Antigua consists of various phases spanning a total of 6.5 years for students enrolling after Grade 12. It is divided as follows:

Pre-Med to MD Pathway: Students begin with a 2-year BSc (Pre-Med) program, which can be completed either at MAHE Manipal, India, or AICASA, Antigua.

MD Program at AUA in Antigua: Following successful completion of the BSc (Pre-Med), students proceed to the MD program at AUA, Antigua, which spans 2.5 years.

Clinical Rotations: The curriculum includes 2 years dedicated to immersive clinical rotations. Students undertake these rotations at affiliated teaching hospitals located in the USA, UK, Canada, or India.

This comprehensive and structured approach ensures that students receive a well-rounded medical education, blending foundational knowledge with practical experience across a range of healthcare settings.

August was a momentous month in the AUA campus at Antigua, as it played host to a grand welcome for the incoming Fall 2023 Med 1 students hailing from across the globe. This warm reception unfolded through a splendid celebration, featuring a delightful array of culinary delights and captivating live performances by local artists. The event itself was nothing short of an international cultural extravaganza, setting the stage for their remarkable MD journey ahead.

During an orientation that brought together staff, current students, and the incoming Med 1 students, distinguished AUA alumni, namely Dr. Gurbani Singh, Dr. Adil Humayun, and Dr. Kirill Alekseyev, graced the campus after nearly 11 years. Their presence added a special touch to the event, fostering connections between past and present members of the AUA community.




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