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Youth at the center of GBC and GIS; industries will be set up and job opportunities will be generated, says UP CM Yogi

  • Retired officers and senior educationists will introduce the youth to the employment policies of the state government
  • CM Yogi constitutes a special team of retired officers, including 12 IAS, 04 IPS, 07 IFS, along with 19 educationists
  • State government in mission mode to connect youth with employment
  • Retired officers and educationists to visit universities, introducing youth to CM’s vision and mission

By Our Correspondent

Lucknow: Ahead of the Ground Breaking Ceremony for industrial projects valued at over Rs 10 lakh crores, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has constituted a special team. This team includes 12 retired officers from the Indian Administrative Service, 04 from the Indian Police Service, and 07 from the Indian Forest Service (all retired), along with 19 senior educationists. This team will introduce young people to the various dimensions of the Global Investors Summit-2023 and GBC@IV through a series of interactions with them. On February 17-18, this team will engage in discussions with youth at different universities/colleges, addressing their queries related to jobs, employment, and career planning. Additionally, they will raise awareness about the Global Investors Summit-2023 and GBC@IV. In a special event held at the Chief Minister’s residence on Friday, the Chief Minister engaged in a dialogue with the 42-member special team, comprising retired officers and senior educationists.

Highlights of the Chief Minister’s address on this occasion:

● You are all aware of the unprecedented success of the Global Investors Summit held from February 10-12 last year. We received investment proposals of nearly Rs 40 lakh crores, and now, within a year, these proposals are being implemented. This will immensely contribute to the overall development of the state and provide abundant employment and career opportunities for our youth. You all have witnessed and contributed to the success of this state, and you have been supportive collaborators in this journey.

● Uttar Pradesh is a state of immense possibilities. To achieve the overall development of the country and the state, we must materialize these opportunities on the ground. Each of you possesses extensive experience in public life, having shouldered significant responsibilities. It is expected that our youth will benefit from your experiences, and your support in this endeavor is highly appreciated.

● Initiatives such as the Investors Summit and the Ground Breaking Ceremony are not solely for the benefit of entrepreneurs but primarily for our youth. They stand to gain the most from these endeavors. As industries are established, job opportunities will be created, directly benefiting our youth. We are also focusing on enhancing the skills of our youth and creating job opportunities for them.

● Inequality has been a significant issue in the development of Uttar Pradesh. In comparison to Central Uttar Pradesh and the NCR, Eastern Uttar Pradesh and Bundelkhand had seen much less development. There was neither infrastructure development nor efforts to improve the quality of life for the people in these regions. Industries were not established in Eastern Uttar Pradesh and Bundelkhand, leading to a crisis of migration for the youth. Substantial efforts have been undertaken to address this persistent issue of unequal development.

● The Global Investors Summit-23 was crucial in the sense that it attracted investments for every district in the state. Now industrial development is not limited only to the NCR or some selected cities, but every district is benefiting from it. The Ground Breaking Ceremony will benefit all 75 districts of the state. All districts will be connected to the main event on February 19.

● To ensure the success of a plan, it is crucial that the intended beneficiaries are aware of it. Lack of awareness often leads to the failure of otherwise sound plans. Therefore, continuous communication between the government, industry, and educational institutions is essential. In pursuit of this goal, the state government is seeking the support of all experienced officials and educationists.

● Your interaction with the youth in universities and other educational institutions before the organization of GBC@IV is crucial. During these discussions, kindly provide information about the plans to attract large capital investment in the state through various policies issued by the Uttar Pradesh government. Familiarize them with the schemes run by the Indian Government and the State Government for the welfare of the youth. Address their queries so that more and more young individuals can benefit from the schemes. Guide them on how this summit will be useful for their bright future.

● Recently, a report was published indicating that 60,000 workers returned from Tamil Nadu to the state. All of them were employed in the textile sector. Their decision to return underscores their optimism for a prosperous and secure future in Uttar Pradesh. It’s crucial to recognize that these workers not only contribute to factory operations but also play a vital role in bolstering the state’s economy. Similarly, we did skill mapping of the migrants who returned to the state during the COVID-19 period and facilitated employment opportunities here.

● Universities/colleges should also fulfill their social responsibilities. There should be adequate arrangements so that the youth studying here can easily become familiar with the policies, schemes and programs of the government. Universities need to work with self-motivation for this purpose.

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