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  • Yogi govt to raise women’s awareness about sexual exploitation, social media trolling

Yogi govt to raise women’s awareness about sexual exploitation, social media trolling

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  • 31 short films to be screened, 8 street plays to be held in 4th phase of Mission Shakti to raise awareness
  • Circle wise rallies will be held across UP, women will also be made aware of govt’s schemes

By Our Correspondent

Lucknow: Under the guidance of Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, the Women and Children Organization is going to organize screening of short films, hold street plays and discussions, as well as circulate audio messages in the fourth phase of Mission Shakti to raise awareness about sexual exploitation and harassment on social media among women and inform them about various initiatives and schemes of the state government in this regard.

Notably, these programs will be conducted through circle-wise rallies in all the gram panchayats, wards, localities and enroute Durga pandals from October 15 to 24. The Women and Children Organization has prepared 31 themes for short films, while eight themes have been selected for street plays. Additionally, the theme song (jingles) of the department will be broadcast through audio messages.

Awareness will be raised against social injustice through short films

The ADG of Women and Child Organization and Nodal of Mission Shakti, Padmaja Chauhan, mentioned that Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has announced the fourth phase of Mission Shakti on Sharadiya Navaratri. As part of this, the Department will inspire women and daughters across the state by presenting short films and street plays based on more than three dozen themes to voice support for the Yogi government’s initiatives, raise awareness against crimes against women, and speak out against women-related abuses.

The ADG further mentioned that in these 31 short films public awareness will be raised against the harassment and exploitation of women working inside the house. The films will also promote the services provided by the Women Power Helpline through various means. They will further highlight important laws on issues like child marriage, dowry practice, female feticide, gender discrimination, child labor, and crimes against children and women.

Additionally, they will also showcase the commendable efforts made by the Uttar Pradesh Police in various phases of Mission Shakti for women’s safety and empowerment. This includes the Safe City project for women’s safety, awareness campaigns, and special initiatives carried out by women police officers during the celebration of Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav. Moreover, the promotion and dissemination of services provided by Women Power Line 1090 for corporate use will also be included in the films.

Furthermore, films under Mission Shakti will also focus on creating social awareness against child marriage and showcase the Women Beat Police and the Women Beat Campaign-subjected films. They will showcase the acknowledgement received from the Prime Minister for various campaigns conducted under Mission Shakti. Additionally, the films will focus on spreading awareness about women’s safety services provided by Women Power Line through security guards and will address issues like women trafficking and unethical business practices, among other important topics.

Information about good and bad touch will be provided through street drama

During the circle-wise rallies, 8 street plays will provide daughters with information on good and bad touches. They will raise awareness about social issues like harassment by relatives, stalking of girls by boys on the streets, harassment of girls through online mediums like WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram, as well as through explicit phone calls and messages. They will also educate girls against domestic violence, child labor, sexual abuse, human trafficking, and child marriage. The department’s theme song “Tu beti aur behen ka hai roop aur Janani bhi tu hai, 1090 hai tere saath jahan kahin bhi tu hai…” will be broadcast in audio message.



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