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Yogi govt to equip 13 govt industrial training institutes with solar energy

  • Gives administrative & financial nod for installation of 40 kW solar power plants, releases Rs 3.10 crore
  • Training institutes in Kushinagar, Kannauj and Maharajganj and several other districts set to benefit from the project

By Our Correspondent

Lucknow: As part of its ongoing sustainable energy initiatives, the Yogi government has started the process of equipping 13 government industrial training institutes with solar energy infrastructure. The government has released Rs 3.10 crore after granting administrative and financial approval for the expeditious implementation of the project.

This initiative will notably accelerate the deployment of solar power plants in government industrial training institutes located in Hardoi, Pilibhit, Kushinagar, Barabanki, Mathura, Maharajganj, Kannauj, Deoria, and Agra.

Aligned with Chief Minister Yogi’s vision, each of the 13 Industrial Training Institutes earmarked for solar integration will boast a capacity of 40 kW. The project encompasses the installation, implementation, and operation of rooftop-enabled solar panel systems and solar power plants, with an allocation of Rs 23.88 lakh for each institute.

Key institutes selected for this initiative include Pihani in Hardoi, Barkhera in Pilibhit, Naurangia in Kushinagar, Hata in Deoria, Fatehpur in Barabanki, Govardhan in Mathura, Madhonganj in Maharajganj, Nichlaul and Nautanwa, Chhibramau and Tirwa in Kannauj, Barhaj in Deoria, and Etmadpur in Agra.

Adherence to regulatory standards will be ensured

The state government has entrusted the Training and Employment Block of the Department of Vocational Education and Entrepreneurship with the task of equipping all selected industrial training institutes with solar energy infrastructure. Under this directive, the integration of solar energy into the 13 industrial training institutes will be overseen by the Director of Training and Employment. Procurement and operational activities will be conducted in accordance with Uttar Pradesh government regulations, ensuring adherence to high-quality standards.

To facilitate project completion, coordination will be established with the Department of Additional Source of Energy, while project execution will be overseen by the Uttar Pradesh New and Renewable Energy Development Agency (UPNEDA).




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