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Home News Yogi govt sets notification target of 6.50 lakh TB patients this year

Yogi govt sets notification target of 6.50 lakh TB patients this year

Notification to take place of 4.30 lakh TB patients in govt sector & 2.20 lakh in private sector

UP sets a record with notification of 6.32 lakh TB patients in 2023

By Our Correspondent

Lucknow: To expedite the screening and testing of tuberculosis patients in the year 2024, the Yogi government has set a target of notifications of 6.50 lakh TB patients, including 4.30 lakh in the public sector and 2.20 lakh in the private sector.

The target has been determined based on the district’s population under the National Tuberculosis Eradication Program, data from private drug sale contracts, targets set by the Patient Provider Support Agency (PPSA), trends in seeking treatment in neighbouring districts, and other epidemiological facts.

Additionally, arrangements have also been made to initiate the treatment as soon as TB is confirmed in the test so that infection can be prevented from spreading.

Letter sent to the CMO and District Tuberculosis Officers

Directorate General Medical and Health Services, Uttar Pradesh, Dr. Brijesh Rathore, has informed all the Chief Medical Officers and District Tuberculosis Officers of the state about the target of TB patient notifications for the year 2024, according to the vision of CM Yogi. Along with this, directions have also been given to take the necessary steps to achieve the target ahead of the specified time. Health centres are organizing Ekikrat Nikshay Diwas every month on the 15 to achieve the TB notification target.

Additionally, Active Case-Finding Campaigns and Dastak Campaigns are being conducted at regular intervals to identify TB patients.

Against the target of notifying 5.50 lakh TB patients in the year 2023, the state achieved a remarkable feat of 6,32,571 notifications, at 115 per cent, according to Dr Ratan Pal Singh Suman, Director-National Program, and Dr Shailendra Bhatnagar, Joint Director/State Tuberculosis Officer. This includes 4,09,192 patients identified in the government sector and 2,23,379 patients in the private sector. The state achieved 113 per cent in the government sector and 118 per cent in the private sector compared to the set target.

Uttar Pradesh was recognised for the best performance in the private sector, and the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare provided five commendation certificates in different categories for achieving the highest performance in the country to the state.

Dr Bhatnagar mentioned that the strong determination of the government and skilled guidance from high-level officials played a crucial role in achieving this milestone. He also emphasized that efforts would continue this year to notify more TB patients than the target, contributing to the Prime Minister’s vision of a TB-free India.

Upon notification, TB patients receive government health facilities such as receiving Rs 500 directly in their bank accounts every month during treatment. They also benefit from the support of Nikshay Mitra and TB champions, receiving nutritional and mental support.




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