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Yogi govt gears up to uphold integrity of UP Board exams, LIU to monitor sensitive centers

  • Extensive arrangements made for security of strong room, answer sheet collection centers
  • UP govt ensures coordination with various departments for smooth and safe conduct of UP Board examinations
  • UP Board examinations will be conducted across the state from February 22 to March 9

By Our Correspondent

Lucknow: In a determined effort to uphold the integrity of UP Board examinations, the Yogi government has implemented extensive and foolproof measures, ensuring transparency and security at every stage. From safeguarding strong rooms to overseeing answer sheet collection centers, the government has left no stone unturned to prevent cheating and other malpractices during the exams.

A comprehensive strategy has been devised, involving coordination with various departments to facilitate smooth conduct of the examinations, scheduled to take place from February 22 to March 9. The mammoth task involves catering to the needs of 55,25,290 students, encompassing both High School (29,47,325) and Intermediate (25,77,965) levels, across 8265 examination centers statewide, including 566 government, 3479 funded, and 4220 non-funded centers.

Uttar Pradesh Secondary Education Council Secretary Divyakant Shukla emphasized that the government, in line with CM Yogi’s directives, has involved armed forces in monitoring the strong rooms. This stringent measure aims to prevent any potential paper leaks or security breaches.

Special attention has been devoted to examination centers categorized as sensitive or highly sensitive, employing the services of the Local Intelligence Unit (LIU) for meticulous monitoring. These centers, with a history of irregularities, are under constant vigilance, with patrolling by jurisdictional officers and officer-in-charge of the concerned police station to deter external cheating.

Shukla underscored the commitment to taking strict action against any hindrance to the examination process, improper printing or publication, and the spread of rumors, treating such activities as cognizable offenses.

To further fortify the security apparatus, the imposition of Section 144, as needed, at examination centers has been planned, while precautions include restrictions on photocopy shops around these centers to prevent any potential confusion.

District administrations will play a pivotal role during the exams, with Sector Magistrates and Static Magistrates appointed to ensure their successful completion. Training for these magistrates will be undertaken, emphasizing the need for stability in their positions.

Cooperation from various departments has been enlisted to streamline the examination process. The Transport Department has been asked to operate buses regularly and the Energy Department to ensure uninterrupted power supply. Similarly, the Basic Education Department is sought for teacher assistance, and the Health Department is approached for primary medical facilities at examination centers. Moreover, the Panchayati Raj and Urban Development Department’s assistance is sought for maintaining cleanliness and sanitation around examination centers. The collective effort aims to create a secure and conducive environment for students to excel in their examinations.




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