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  • Yogi govt announces incentives for drivers and conductors in view of rush during upcoming festivals

Yogi govt announces incentives for drivers and conductors in view of rush during upcoming festivals

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  • Incentives to be provided to those employees of Transport Corporation who will work during festivals
  • Incentive scheme for workers of Transport Corporation will be applicable for a total of 11 days
  • Transport Corporation cancels leaves of all drivers, conductors & officers for the upcoming festivals

By Our Correspondent

Lucknow: In view of the upcoming Diwali and Chhath festivals, the Yogi government has decided to run additional buses in the state between November 10 and November 20. During this period, the government has announced an incentive amount for the workers, including bus drivers and conductors, of the Uttar Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation (UPSRTC), who provide continuous services.

Notably, this incentive plan will be in effect for a total of 11 days. Moreover, the Transportation department has cancelled holidays for all drivers, conductors, officers and deputy officers during festivals like Diwali, Bhaiya Dooj, and Chhath.

It is worth noting that during these festivals, more than 60 percent of passenger load come from Ghaziabad, Delhi, and western regions. Besides, people from other states and cities travel to their homes during the festivals and return to their workplaces after the festivals. To encourage bus drivers and conductors to transport them to their destinations, this initiative has been launched by UPSRTC.

Drivers and conductors operating buses for at least 10 days will receive rewards

The Managing Director of UPSRTC, Masoom Ali Sarwar, explained that contract and outsourced drivers and conductors, who operate buses covering a specified average distance for a minimum of 10 days, will be paid a special incentive of Rs 3500 at a rate of 350 rupees per day. During the incentive period, they need to operate the bus for an average of 300 kilometers. If employees work their daily duty and meet the kilometer requirements for the entire 11-day incentive period, they will be entitled to Rs 4400 per day.

Honorarium at the rate of 55 paise per km

Contract and outsourced drivers, who exceed the specified average kilometers during the incentive period will receive an extra payment of 55 paise per kilometer. Employees working in depot workshops and regional workshops and outsourced employees associated with the corporation, who are on duty continuously for 11 days will also be included in the incentive scheme. They will get a lump sum amount of Rs 1800 and the workshop employees who work for 10 days during this period will get Rs 1500.

Besides, Rs 10,000 has been sanctioned for the regional manager and Rs 5,000 for the service manager. According to the recommendation of the regional committee, it will be distributed among the employees and deputy officers of the area who have done excellent work during the incentive period.

Additional staff will be assigned duties based on passenger loads

In bus stations where there is a higher passenger load, officials will schedule round-the-clock duty for additional staff and sub-officers to ensure the organized operation of buses. These bus stations include Kaushambi Depot, Anand Vihar, Sarai Kale Khan, Kashmiri Gate in Delhi, as well as Moradabad, Katghar, Bhaisali, Sohrab Gate, Bareilly, Satellite, Kaiserbagh, Alam Bagh, Charbagh, Awadh (Kamta), Saharanpur, ISBT Agra, Masoodabad, Jhakarkati (Kanpur), and Etawah, among others.

Notably, a total of Rs 1 lakh has been sanctioned at the rate of Rs 5,000 per bus station for the purpose of distribution of funds to the personnel and supervisors posted as incentives at these bus stations.


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