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  • WWF-India’s Earth Series reiterates importance of education and involvement of individuals towards environmental and wildlife conservation

WWF-India’s Earth Series reiterates importance of education and involvement of individuals towards environmental and wildlife conservation

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  •  The unique series witnessed a fascinating talk by Dr. Divyabhanusinh Chavda, a renowned wildlife conservationist and author.
  • Dignitaries from WWF-India, Telangana State Government officials, Bureaucrats, environmentalists & and conservationists, nature lovers and students joined the event.

 Hyderabad: WWF-India, a leading nature conservation organization, conducted its second talk of the “Earth Series: Conservation Matters”, an initiative that centers around critical environmental issues and wildlife conservation. As part of the event, Dr. Divyabhanusinh Chavda, a renowned wildlife conservationist and an author, delivered his lecture titled “A Tale of Two Cats”. Through his talk, Dr. Chavda enthralled the audience by mainly focusing on lions and the need for their conservation, as the Asiatic Lion is now only restricted to India. The talk also revolved around cheetahs, the fastest animals on Earth. The lecture also realized the cultural ties and importance the cheetah holds in Indian society.

The WWF-India Hyderabad office organized the Earth Series talk show that serves as a platform to address pressing environmental challenges, exchange innovative solutions, and foster collaboration among like-minded individuals and organizations committed to conserving the planet’s biodiversity. By bringing experts and enthusiasts from diverse backgrounds together, the series aims to build a powerful network of change-makers striving for a sustainable future for generations to come.

Mr. Anil Kumar Epur, Trustee, WWF-India, and, Chairman, WWF-India Hyderabad Office Advisory Board, said that “WWF-India has been at the forefront of environment protection and nature conservation. The Earth Series: Conservation Matters is a pioneering initiative which draws people with a shared cause together. This will expand the horizons of knowledge and further the cause.  People, including students, are participating due to their commitment to environment protection. Through this series of events, we aim to not only celebrate the current conservation measures but also inspire others to adopt similar practices. Today just being aware is not enough, we need to put the knowledge gained into action.”

Mr Jayesh Ranjan IAS at the second talk of the Earth Series Conservation Matters organised by WWF

Mr Jayant Tagore, President, Hyderabad Golf Association has committed support to the Earth Series and mentioned that the Hyderabad Golf course is not only a heritage golf course but of the only one in the world to use grey water for maintaining the course.

“WWF-India has always been the pioneer in creating awareness on nature and wildlife conservation.  The Earth Series: Conservation Matters is another noteworthy pioneering event from WWF-India, and I am happy that this initiative originates from Hyderabad. The Telangana Government has always been at the forefront of nature conservation and has taken up many first-of-its-kind initiatives for environment protection”, expressed Mr. Jayesh Ranjan.

“I am honored to have been invited to deliver the second lecture of the WWF-India Earth Series: Conservation Matters. Having come to Hyderabad after a very long time, I am extremely delighted to see many people from all walks of life attend this talk. This demonstrates the preparedness of the Hyderabad citizens, and their belongingness to nature,” expressed Dr. Divyabhanusinh Chavda.

The second lecture of the pioneering series, held at the Hyderabad Golf Association, witnessed an impressive gathering of individuals, distinguished ornithologists, & committed conservationists, nature enthusiasts, government officials, bureaucrats, and students, united in their dedication to environmental and wildlife safeguarding. The event’s success reflects the growing global concern for the environment and wildlife conservation. WWF’s Earth Series has emerged as a beacon of hope, inspiring individuals, and communities to act for a greener and more sustainable planet.


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