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Wrogn Launches Wrogn Mystery – Creates Massive Curiosity and Intrigue with #IYKYK Campaign

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Wrogn, the leading fashion and apparel brand for men in India, co-created by Virat Kohli, has launched a new campaign, Wrogn Mystery, that has created a buzz and intrigue among its followers. The brand and Virat Kohli posted mysterious images on its social media handles showing Virat Kohli with unrelated objects, such as a basketball and a fire extinguisher, a pan and a plant, a saxophone and a lamp, and an umbrella and a balance scale. All these images are captioned with the hint, #IYKYK, which stands for “If You Know You Know,” leaving fans to decipher the connection between the two items.

Wrogn kick-started its SS’23 collection with this campaign on 25th March 23 with a series of these puzzling posts creating curiosity amongst consumers and brands alike. As our Instagrammers put their heads together to connect the situations-we saw 36.5 M views, 4.8 M likes, and 19000 comments, a total reach of over 42 Million in a day’s time across all the social media handles. Fans of Virat Kohli went into a tizzy seeing their favourite star posting multiple intriguing posts back-to-back which has not been done on his page before.

Virat Kohli said “I’m thrilled to see the response from our fans and customers for the Wrogn Mystery campaign. It’s always great to engage with our followers in innovative ways, and the campaign has succeeded in catching the attention and creating curiosity and intrigue among the youth. I can’t wait for the second phase of this campaign when it all comes together #IYKYK.

Vikram Reddy, Co-founder and COO of Universal Sportsbiz Pvt. Ltd., the parent company of Wrogn said “With #IYKYK activation, we wanted to get the attention of the youth and showcase the curiosity and intrigue created among consumers and play with the idea of hidden connections and inside knowledge. Following this activation, a one month long 360-degree campaign is underway to further support this Wrogn Mystery and take it a step forward.

Keeping the mystery alive, the brand has created a 360-degree campaign activating shop window displays, branding on shopping bags, purchase bill branding, cluster branding at malls, installation at city centre hubs, and theatre displays for the next 1 month.

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