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When Sai Baba saved me from the jaws of death

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By Pradeep Modak

Hyderabad, July 13: I would not have been celebrating my 62nd birthday today if Sai Baba of Shirdi was not there to pull me out from the jaws of death. I visited Sai Baba Temple on Wardha Road in Nagpur whenever my wife expressed her desire to visit Sai temple. I cannot say firmly that I am a true devotee of Lord Sai of Shirdi like my wife. I have faiths in several Gods and Goddesses like Durga, Kali, Laxmi, Sarawati, Bholenath and Vishnu.  However, my wife performed the rituals of Lord Sai every day along with other Gods and Goddesses.

At the Sai Temple in Nagpur she offered sweets, coconut, garland and flowers to Sai and performed the rituals with full devotion. I only accompanied her but some time I offered a rose to Sai and deposited Rs 50 in the donation box. I do remember Sai in the morning when I wake up along with so many Gods and Goddesses and in the night while going to bed.

For a change we both decided to visit Sai Temple at Wardha Road, Nagpur as a few days were remaining of my five-year-long sojourn in Nagpur. I had already decided to shift to Hyderabad and stay there with my son and daughter-in-law. On the first Thursday of July, I along with my wife visited Sai Temple. I purchased sweets, coconut, a garland and flowers to offer Sai Baba. My wife also purchased some Prasad, coconut, garland, flowers and a chadar to offer to Sai Baba. After the evening aarti, I offered the puja articles to Sai Baba and sought his blessings. My wife also did the same.

It was July 10 evening; I was travelling to Hyderabad along with my wife by Delhi-Bengaluru Rajdhani Express. The train got delayed by more than five hours due to some work on the track near Kazipeth. When the train reached Kazipeth at about 8pm it was raining there.

I stepped down from the train to purchase some biscuits from a stall on the platform. There was huge rush on the stall and when I got my stuff, the train started moving. I ran to catch the train and tried to board a coach. Some vendors of IRCTC, who were on the door tried to pull me but they failed. My right foot slipped from the footboard of coach. I fell with my back on the platform. I saw my back part of the head striking on the surface of the platform. I was being dragged towards the edge of platform due to the impulse of the train. I knew I was going to fall into the gap of the train bogie and the platform and the death was certain.

Suddenly, an invisible force dragged my right leg and pulled me towards the platform. I was in safe zone within a fraction of second. Seeing this, some shopkeepers and a police officer rushed towards me. They helped me and in within a few seconds, I stood up. The railway police officer also tried to stop the train by signaling to the guard but in vain. The train left the platform.

Surprisingly, I did not receive serious injury expect some pain in my right thumb and waist. It was a miracle and I firmly believed that Sai Baba of Shirdi had saved me from certain death.

By then, the news of a passenger falling from the train reached the coach in which I was travelling also. I called my wife and narrated her incident and told her that I am ok and I will be reaching Secunderabad by next train within an hour.

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  • July 13, 2022

    Amitabh Banerjee

    Om Sai Ram 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

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