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  • VerSe Expands its Commerce Offerings; Forays into Children’s Entertainment with HappyTopia Collaboration

VerSe Expands its Commerce Offerings; Forays into Children’s Entertainment with HappyTopia Collaboration

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Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

VerSe, India’s first local language-focused tech unicorn and owner of Josh, India’s fastest growing and most engaged short-video app, has entered into a strategic collaboration with HappyTopia, a leading player in the children’s entertainment product space, thereby diversifying its e-commerce portfolio.

Spearheaded by its 18-year-old Founder and CEO Kunzang Chawla, HappyTopia has redefined the way families enjoy entertainment by making offerings affordable and readily available to customers through vending machines. Josh and HappyTopia are joining forces to introduce Co-branded HappyTopia capsules, enhancing the engagement and fun for children and parents alike. Josh will leverage its extensive technology expertise to further elevate the convenience and efficiency of the shopping experience through HappyTopia’s smart vending machines. This collaboration, one of the many in Josh’s ecommerce space, diversifies its product portfolio further, while strengthening its commitment to delivering unique and engaging experiences to customers across India. This falls in line with Josh’s multiple collaborations to strengthen its e-commerce business.

Sahil Bhagat, Director of Product and UX, Joshexpressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration, saying, “Our partnership with HappyTopia marks a significant milestone for Josh. We’re excited to expand our offerings and bring the joy of HappyTopia’s offerings to a wider user base. Josh’s youthful and dynamic energy blends effortlessly with the essence of HappyTopia, making this collaboration a perfect match. Together, we’re stepping into a new era of smart e-commerce, where fun and convenience come together.”

Kunzang Chawla, Chief Executive Officer at HappyTopia, added, “We are thrilled to collaborate with Josh. Leveraging Josh’s extensive expertise in entertainment and state-of-the-art technology, this partnership allows us to reach an even wider audience and enhance the way families access and enjoy HappyTopia’s products. We look forward to a successful journey ahead.”

HappyTopia currently operates more than 150 vending machines in Bengaluru and Hyderabad. In the near future, the company is set to expand its presence with over 5000 vending machines pan-India. This collaboration between Josh and HappyTopia promises to be a game-changer in the world of e-commerce and entertainment. Both companies are committed to creating memorable experiences for customers and making high-quality toys more accessible than ever before.


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