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  • Uttar Pradesh sets record by making over 4 crore Ayushman cards in the country

Uttar Pradesh sets record by making over 4 crore Ayushman cards in the country

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  • Yogi govt makes more than 41541992 Ayushman cards in UP so far
  • UP tops in making Ayushman cards, Madhya Pradesh is second and Chhattisgarh third
  • UP govt links 3,662 hospitals of the state with Ayushman card for treatment

By Our Correspondent

Lucknow: As Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath leads Uttar Pradesh forward in line with the vision of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Uttar Pradesh has emerged as the leading state in the country in making Ayushman cards under Ayushman Bharat. Uttar Pradesh is followed by Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh respectively.

It is noteworthy that Yogi government in Uttar Pradesh is committed to providing high-quality health services to the people as well as ensuring that the benefits of both the state and central government schemes reach the individuals at the grassroots level.

Ayushman cards made for 1 crore 80 lakh families in UP

The CEO of the State Agency for Comprehensive Health and Integrated Services (SACHI), Sangeeta Singh, mentioned that the Chief Minister’s aim is to provide free and high-quality treatment to the poor people of the state. Intensive efforts are being made at the war-footing to create Ayushman cards for 100 percent eligible beneficiaries in the state. Special campaigns are conducted across the state from time to time for this purpose.

She further mentioned that the monitoring and guidance of the Chief Minister have resulted in Uttar Pradesh leading the country in making Ayushman cards. So far, 180 lakh families in Uttar Pradesh have been issued Ayushman cards, with 131 lakh families under the Pradhanmantri Jan Arogya Yojana and 56 lakh families under the Mukhyamantri Jan Arogya Yojana.

It is noteworthy that Uttar Pradesh has taken the lead in the country with more than 4 crores 15 lakh 41 thousand 992 Ayushman cards issued so far, followed by Madhya Pradesh with 3 crores 70 lakh cards. Chhattisgarh is in the third position with 2 crores 3 lakh cards, followed by Karnataka in the fourth position and Andhra Pradesh in the fifth. Karnataka has issued 1 crore 51 lakh cards, and Andhra Pradesh has 1 crore 40 lakh Ayushman cardholders.

Rs 3,914 cr have been spent on treatment so far

Sangeeta Singh further mentioned that 70 percent of the eligible families in the state have been issued Ayushman cards. The Yogi government has conducted special campaigns to ensure 100 percent card issuance for eligible beneficiaries. To avoid inconvenience in treatment, the Yogi government has connected 3,662 hospitals in the state with Ayushman cards. These include 1,118 government hospitals and 2,544 private hospitals.

She said that these hospitals have provided treatment to 2,762,262 beneficiaries, including some who have undergone treatment two to three times. Among them, 437,290 beneficiaries have undergone surgeries for severe conditions such as kidney transplants, heart surgeries, heart diseases, joint replacements, and cancer treatments. A total of Rs 3,914 crores have been spent on these treatments, including Rs 1,502 crores for the treatment of severe illnesses.



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