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  • UP State Road Transport Corporation buses will spread the message of road safety across state

UP State Road Transport Corporation buses will spread the message of road safety across state

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Transport Corporation will be allocated Rs 10 crore for the promotion of road safety in UP

Over 12000 Transport Corporation buses will display slogans and disseminate messages of road safety in UP

By Our Correspondent

Lucknow, May 10: The Yogi government in Uttar Pradesh has decided to spread awareness and publicity regarding road safety through Transport Corporation buses. Slogans and messages promoting road safety will be placed on the backs of these buses, aiming to reach a wide audience.

With this, the state government aims to raise awareness about road safety among the general public. An amount of Rs 10 crore will be allocated to the Transport Corporation for this initiative. This decision was approved in an important meeting chaired by the Chairman of the Uttar Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation and Principal Secretary of Transportation, L. Venkateshwarlu. Senior officials from the Transport Department and the Transportation Corporation participated in the meeting.

Allocation from road safety fund approved in the meeting

During the meeting, there was a discussion about increasing revenue in the year 2024-25. Principal Secretary Transport gave approval to allocate an amount of Rs 10 crore to Uttar Pradesh Transport Corporation from the Road Safety Fund of the Transport Department for the promotion of road safety messages behind all the corporation’s buses. This money will be used to promote road safety messages through all the buses operating across the state.

Currently, the Transport Corporation operates 11,800 buses across the state, out of which 2,500 buses are on election duty. Efforts will be made to raise public awareness through slogans and messages about road safety behind all these buses. These messages will include reminders for people to drive on their side of the road, wear seat belts while driving, not to drink alcohol and drive, and other road safety-related messages.

Various activities being organized on road safety

Uttar Pradesh Government and Transport Department are working seriously regarding road safety. Under this, Road Safety Fortnight is also organized from time to time. Recently, Road Safety Fortnight was celebrated between April 22 to May 4, in which people were made aware to follow road safety and traffic rules through large-scale activities.

Under this, camps were organized for health and eye examination of drivers near toll plazas on national highways, while action was also taken to install retro-reflective tape in tractor trolleys at toll plazas.

Additionally, closing illegal cuts by installing warning boards, overloading and way-in motions were implemented on NHAI. Furthermore, initiatives were taken through the Road Safety Club and volunteers to educate youth under 18 about refraining from driving. Two-wheeler riders were reminded of the necessity of wearing helmets, avoiding stunts, wrong-way driving, and speeding. They were also encouraged to abstain from using mobile phones while driving.


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