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UP govt raises sugarcane price, approves semi-conductor policy

  • Yogi cabinet approves 8 important proposals
  • Yogi cabinet changes the name of Nagar Panchayat Mundera to Chauri Chaura
  • UP becomes the fourth state in the country to prepare a policy on semi-conductors

By Our Correspondent

Lucknow: The Yogi cabinet, in a meeting held at Lok Bhavan under the chairmanship of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, gave its nod to 8 important proposals. This includes the much-awaited Semi Conductor Policy 2024, along with an increase in sugarcane prices, providing a significant benefit to sugarcane farmers.

In addition, approval has been given for three new universities in the state. Moreover, the proposal to change the name of Mundera Nagar Panchayat in Gorakhpur to Chauri Chaura also received the Cabinet’s approval.

During the press conference held in Lok Bhavan, the state’s Finance Minister Suresh Khanna, Higher Education Minister Yogendra Upadhyay, and Sugar Industry and Sugarcane Development Minister Chaudhary Laxmi Narayan informed the media about the decisions of the Cabinet.

Yogi government’s big gift to sugarcane farmers

Providing information about the decisions made in the Cabinet meeting, Chaudhary Laxmi Narayan, the Minister of Sugar Industry and Sugarcane Development, mentioned that for the sugarcane purchased by all sugar mills in the state (cooperative sector, corporation, and private sector) for the crushing season 2023–24, the State Advised Price (SAP) has been determined.

In this, the SAP for early maturing varieties of sugarcane has been increased from Rs 350 per quintal to Rs 370, for common varieties from Rs 340 per quintal to Rs 360, and for unsuitable varieties, the sugarcane price has been increased from Rs. 335 per quintal to Rs. 355.

Three new private Universities in the State

In the Yogi Cabinet meeting, approval was also granted for three new private universities in the state. Higher Education Minister Yogendra Upadhyay informed that proposals for the establishment of JSS University in Noida, Saroj University in Lucknow, and Sharda University in Agra under the private sector have been approved. He mentioned that there has been significant improvement in the quality of higher education under the Yogi government.

He further mentioned that currently, the state boasts five government and five private universities in the A++ ranking. In addition, there are three universities with A+ ranking. There are further a large number of A-ranking universities in the state. Before the Yogi government, the state had only three universities in the B+ ranking. The role of private universities will prove crucial in making the state a one trillion-dollar economy. This move is expected to contribute to both the quantity and quality of education in the state.

Approval for Semi Conductor Policy 2024

Under the chairmanship of the Chief Minister, the Yogi Cabinet has given approval to Semi Conductor Policy 2024. In India, this industry is still in its early stages. So far, only Gujarat, Odisha, and Tamil Nadu have formulated policies on it. Uttar Pradesh is the fourth state to adopt the Semi-Conductor Policy 2024, which experts consider to be the best policy. This approval is expected to attract significant investments in the state on a large scale. The policy aims to make Uttar Pradesh a leader in the semi-conductor manufacturing sector.

Cabinet Minister Yogendra Upadhyay said that industrial groups investing in setting up semi-conductor manufacturing units will receive a fund of Rs. 80,000 crores from the Government of India, with the Uttar Pradesh government contributing 75 percent of this amount. The policy also includes provisions for providing financial incentives to industries and a subsidy of 75 percent on land up to 200 acres in the form of land subsidy.

So far, 13 companies have expressed their intention to set up semi-conductor manufacturing units in the state. Adequate water and uninterrupted electricity will be provided to the industries. Additionally, the Uttar Pradesh government will provide Rs. 10 lakhs for patents at national level and Rs. 20 lakhs for patents at the international level. Collaboration with the industry will be done under the CM Internship Program to ensure a skilled workforce is available. Furthermore, arrangements for training related to semi-conductor manufacturing will be made in the technical institutes of the state.

Changed name of Mundera Nagar Panchayat

In a significant decision, the Yogi Cabinet has approved the proposal to change the name of Mundera Nagar Panchayat in Gorakhpur to Chauri Chaura. This decision reflects a gesture of respect towards the legacy, marking the centenary year of the famous Chauri Chaura incident during the independence movement.

Additionally, approval was also given to make changes in the Uttar Pradesh Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion Policy to exempt private MSME units and PLEDGE parks from conversion fees for changing the land use of agricultural land under development authorities to industrial.

Furthermore, the Cabinet has also stamped its approval on exempting the Metro Rail, RRTS (Regional Rapid Transit System), and all their assets from acquisition under the Uttar Pradesh Municipal Corporation Act, 1959.




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