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Home News UP govt partners with WRI India to rejuvenate cities in Uttar Pradesh

UP govt partners with WRI India to rejuvenate cities in Uttar Pradesh

Govt will explore possibilities in EV policy, climate, flood management, data management and capacity building in UP

UP govt will provide training to government officers for accelerating rejuvenation of cities

By Our Correspondent

Lucknow: In a move to expedite the revitalization of the state’s cities, the Yogi government entered into an agreement with the renowned organization World Resources Institute (WRI) India. The government is now going to develop five systems to accelerate development in cities.

Additionally, the government plans to not only assess the current pace of development in Uttar Pradesh but also to chart its future direction and momentum based on critical suggestions from WRI India. To facilitate this process, specialized training sessions will be conducted for senior government officials and key stakeholders involved in urban development efforts.

The Urban Development Department of Uttar Pradesh, in collaboration with the World Resources Institute India, is actively working towards enhancing development in urban areas and improving the living standards of the people. The WRI India team will serve as a knowledge partner, providing assistance and technological expertise to support the efforts of the state government.

Additionally, the Urban Development Department will provide assistance to the team at every level. Workshops and training programs will also be conducted as part of this collaborative initiative.

Developing five systems to establish new development standards

Data Management System: The WRI India team will assist the Yogi government in creating a comprehensive system to track and monitor the progress of major projects, such as road development and expansion, under ongoing schemes like CM-GRID and others in different states.

Urban Flood Stormwater Management System: The WRI India team will collaborate with the government to develop a strategy for stormwater management at the state level. This involves preparing fundamental data analysis and incorporating essential tools for development, including gap analysis, rainfall-runoff simulation, and flood modeling.

Capacity Building System: The WRI India team will work with urban administration to conduct training and capacity building in areas such as climate and environmentally friendly development. The Yogi government will organize training programs for its officials and stakeholders.

Climate Friendly Urban Planning: WRI India team will provide assistance to local authorities in the cities of the state in doing climate friendly urban planning. The team will collaborate with the Urban Development Department to develop its own guidance and data for this.

Electric Vehicle Policy Implementation System: The WRI India team will provide recommendations for creating an environment conducive to e-mobility within the state. Additionally, it will assist in the execution of the Uttar Pradesh Electric Vehicle Manufacturing and Mobility Policy 2022.




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