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UP govt focuses on ensuring efficient operation of ‘State Owned Aircraft Fleet’

  • As per CM Yogi’s vision, the Uttar Pradesh Civil Aviation Department initiates the process
  • Emphasis on maintenance, operation, flight planning and flight support services for all these aircraft
  • UP govt to hire flight planning agency for proper operation of the aircraft fleet

By Our Correspondent

Lucknow: To bolster the Aviation sector within the state, the Yogi government has embarked on a comprehensive strategy to optimize the efficiency of the ‘State Owned Aircraft Fleet’ and has entrusted the the Uttar Pradesh Civil Aviation Department (CADUP) with the responsibility of selecting the flight planning agency.

Presently, the state-owned fleet under CAD UP comprises 3 fixed-wing aircraft and 3 rotor blade-based aircraft. The emphasis lies in streamlining processes such as coordination, operational planning, and action plan execution to ensure optimal service delivery.

Under the directives of the Yogi government, the Directorate of Civil Aviation in Lucknow has initiated steps to streamline all activities pertaining to flight planning and flight support services for the state government’s aircraft fleet nationwide. As part of this endeavor, the agency selection process has commenced, with determination slated through the e-tendering procedure.

The appointed agency will be tasked with meticulously preparing and compiling flight plans tailored to the operational requirements of the State-Owned Aircraft. Furthermore, comprehensive coordination across all facets, including Air Traffic Control (ATC) interaction, within the flight operation timeline will be their responsibility.

Outlined in the work plan are various flight operation processes to be executed by the designated agency, encompassing ground handling and other essential tasks. Specific aircraft types necessitate approval from the Chief Pilot to proceed with all operations.

If required, CADUP will ensure the availability of flight assistance services and synchronize crucial activities with the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) in New Delhi. This entails meticulous attention to detail, including the submission and compilation of pilot licenses and requisite documentation, to ensure compliance with regulatory standards.

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