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Unveiling India’s Dynamic Search Landscape in 2023: A Comprehensive Analysis by Justdial

New Delhi, Delhi, India

  • Hobby Classes, Schools, Restaurants & Hotels lead top 50 searches nationwide
  • Tier I cities accounted for 45% of the nation’s searches for various hobby classes
  • Schools witnessed a surge in March-April-May, comprising 40% of the annual searches

Justdial, a prominent digital platform, recently released a comprehensive report highlighting the intriguing search habits of Indians. The report unveils diverse interests shaping the dynamic market landscape across big and small cities in India. This in-depth exploration provides a unique insight into the diverse needs and preferences of the Indian population, as reflected in their online searches.

Schools, Restaurants, Hospitals, Beauty Parlours, and PG Accommodation Services emerge as highly searched categories, underscoring the country’s focus on educational institutions, dining options, healthcare services, beauty services, and accommodation.

Digitization is narrowing the gap between big cities and small towns, with searches in smaller towns being twice that of big cities. Tier II and III cities contribute to 63% of the searches, indicating consistent search activity in smaller towns and cities, as compared to 2022.

In the education sector, the report suggests that educational institutions, especially colleges, should strategize during peak search months (May to August) to maximize visibility and engagement. Temporal trends in searches for schools and libraries suggest tailored marketing efforts aligned with admission processes and examination seasons.

The travel and hospitality sectors show a notable shift in demand, with Tier II & III cities contributing 66% searches in this sector. This signals opportunities for hotels and restaurants to expand beyond traditional urban markets.

The recreation sector exhibits a balanced distribution, with both Tier I and Tier II cities significantly contributing to searches for hobby classes. This suggests a substantial interest in hobby classes across both urban tiers. The variety of hobby classes searched for, including swimming, dance, tailoring, cricket coaching, Zumba, and music classes, indicates a diverse range of interests and preferences among individuals seeking recreational activities.

Mumbai, Delhi, and Chennai emerged as the top three cities in searches for hobby classes, showcasing the substantial interest and engagement in recreational activities in these metropolitan areas.

In healthcare, top searched categories like Hospitals, Dermatologists, and Dentists collectively contribute to 5% of Pan India searches. Temporal trends in searches highlight the importance of seasonal considerations for healthcare providers, with peak searches in March and May.

The Wellness and Beauty sector witnessed a nearly 10% increase in searches compared to 2022, reflecting a growing awareness and inclination towards self-care in India. Businesses are encouraged to understand and cater to specific preferences in different regions to capitalize on the rising demand.

The report recommends businesses tailor their offerings to meet the unique demands of each tier and vertical, considering diverse market dynamics, tier-wise growth opportunities, digital engagement, and seasonal adaptation. Justdial emphasizes the importance of adapting services, promotions, and pricing strategies based on temporal factors and local preferences to thrive in the evolving Indian market.

This comprehensive report not only identifies common trends but also illuminates the unique characteristics and preferences across different city tiers, providing businesses with unparalleled insights to tailor their offerings. By aligning products and services with these trends, businesses can effectively cater to the distinct needs of each tier, fostering growth and enhanced consumer engagement.

Commenting on the 2023 annual search report, Mr. Shwetank Dixit, Chief Growth Officer, Justdial, said, “Every year, Justdial endeavors to provide an insightful glimpse into the ever-evolving search trends shaping India’s service landscape. We remain committed to connecting individuals with their specific needs, be it education, housing, or personal preferences, reaffirming our role in shaping India’s evolving search landscape.”

For more in-depth analysis, please refer to the report.

*Metro Cities: Search trends across Delhi/NCR, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bengaluru, Pune, Hyderabad, and Ahmedabad.

*Small Towns: Search trends across India’s 1200 smaller towns and cities.




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